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Plaid and Paisley

Plaid and paisley sound like the perfect couple—just the right pedigree with the ability to re-invent. When used separately, each pattern can make a bold statement in a room or add interest as an accent piece. But the beauty that is achieved when plaid and paisley are combined cannot be denied.

There is nothing more perfect than a great plaid. Plaids are traditional and relatable. With the right balance, plaid wallpaper is the perfect backdrop for a little boy’s room.

Toddler Room with Blue Plaid Wallpaper

Toddler Room with Blue Plaid Wallpaper

images from Interiors for Families

Simple pops of plaid add just enough pattern and interest to a space.

Nursery with Plaid Ottoman

image from ModHomeEc

Paisley prints are organic and crazy in their own way, but they’re wonderfully full of balance. Together they weave and wander to create perfect room accents. For paisleys, the more unexpected the better—whether they’re upside down or all around, they are a perfectly pretty wrap around the room.

Pink Paisley Wallpaper

image from I Suwannee

Paisley Wallpaper and Coral Accents

image from Tilton Fenwick

The balancing act is a success when the right amounts of everything fall into place. Plaids and paisleys dance together in harmony.

Plaid and Paisley Nursery Decor

image from Palmer Weiss Interior Design

Did you include plaid and paisley in your nursery or toddler room design? How did you achieve that beautiful balance of patterns?