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On Cloud Nine

Every once in a while I surprise myself, and yesterday was one of those days! We just finished working on this gorgeous black, white and mint nursery, complete with tissue tassels, faux taxidermy and GOLD…and as I was installing the amazing black triangle decals (I also purchased the Gold Dot decals for Ashlyn’s Coral and Gold Big Girl Room from the awesome UrbanWalls), I knew the wall needed something more. Enter that ADORABLE cloud shelf with the stars—I know, amazing, right? I didn’t purchase it like that, and this nursery cloud decor was so easy to make that I just had to share it with my Project Nursery friends!

Black Triangle Decals and DIY Cloud Shelf

So here’s how it started. We had hung the cloud shelf above the crib and tried putting different decor pieces inside, but nothing seemed to look right. Then I remembered the adorable cloud mobiles I’ve seen popping up in nurseries and in The Project Nursery Shop.

Cloud and Moon Mobile in Gold from PN Shop

And it hit me. Stars. And where do you find stars on strings as the holiday season approaches? In the Christmas DECOR section—that’s where! Land of Nod has these perfect metallic gold and silver star ornaments right now.

Metallic Gold and Silver Star Ornaments from Land of Nod

Nightfall Ornaments from Land of Nod

I found my white cloud shelf at Urban Outfitters—it’s one of my go-to shops for different decor pieces, and the prices are usually great too! Unfortunately this shelf is sold out, but you can get a similar look with this cloud wall shelf from ShopLittles on Etsy.

White Cloud Shelf from Urban Outfitters

White Cloud Shelf from Urban Outfitters

Cloud Wall Shelf from ShopLittles on Etsy

Cloud Wall Shelf from ShopLittles on Etsy

So here it is, the easiest DIY ever for cloud-inspired wall decor with a mobile flare. All you need is a cloud shelf, some kind of cute dangly group of things and tape! Yup. Look closely, we taped the strings to the shelf. Pretty darn amazing, isn’t it? It’s probably the laziest DIY I’ve ever done, and yet, it’s SO AMAZING on that funky nursery wall!

DIY Cloud Shelf with Stars

DIY Cloud Shelf with Stars

Happy decorating, friends! Can’t wait to see what kind of nursery cloud decor you come up with!