Document Your Growing Baby Bump

Do a quick google search and you’ll see mamas all over the world documenting their growing baby bumps. It’s a nice way to celebrate your pregnancy. These adorable pregnancy belly stickers, our latest addition to The Project Nursery Shop, help mark the time as your bump grows inch by inch!

I’m partial to the fruit and veggie stickers that help you visualize how big your baby is. Aren’t they sweet?

Belly Bump Baby Size Stickers - The Project Nursery Shop

The pregnancy belly sticker collection also includes It’s a Boy/Girl and Due Date stickers—this will come in handy in your ninth month when every stranger on the street asks you when you’re due.

Belly Bump Stickers - The Project Nursery ShopHave you been taking photos to document your growing baby bump?


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    Hello :)
    I am wanting to take a picture with all my kids to announce our 8th baby. I see stickers for gestation and milestone months for pictures. I wanted to know if you could help me ? :)

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