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Design Reveal: Butterfly Shared Girls Room

Although you might want your children to share a room, sometimes it’s tricky to convince them that it is a good idea. Moving them into a fun room that reflects both of their personalities makes it a little more appealing. Kendyl (age 5) was persuaded to share a room with her little sister Remi (age 2), so we created a butterfly shared girls room that they could both call their own.

We punched up the high style in this room with Jenny Lind twin beds and custom butterfly wallpaper. The navy vintage chest between the beds acts as a nightstand for each of girls, and the deep color grounds the room.

Colorful Shared Girls Room with Butterfly Wallpaper

A custom built-in closet gives both Kendyl and Remi adequate storage for all of their little things. A week’s worth of clothes and books for bedtime are easily accessible. Labeled drawers ensure that it’s easy for the girls to get dressed for the day, and they take the guesswork out of what matches for dad!

Shared Girls Room Closet Organization

The girls are in love with their white retriever Ruby, so we thought these pillows were a perfect touch. Tip: Add grownup table lamps for a bit of sophistication and to properly light the room in the evening.

Red Jenny Lind Twin Bed and Navy Vintage Chest

Red Jenny Lind Twin Bed and Pillow with Pom Pom Trim

Colorful Shared Girls Room with Butterfly Wallpaper

We hope that Kendyl and Remi are enjoying their new butterfly shared girls room together. It’s a slumber party every night! Sweet dreams to these two little cuties!

Photography by John Woodcock


Sunday 8th of January 2017

Can you please share the source for the bedding? I have similar red Jenny lind beds and have been looking for just the right bedding. Thank you!