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Katy’s Picks: Soft Sole Toddler Shoes

Hello, my name is Katy, and I’m a shoe-a-holic. It’s not what you’re thinking—I’m not talking about the kind with red soles and 5″ heels. I’m more obsessed with tiny little shoes that are less than 6″ long. I can’t help it! My kids all have better shoe collections than I do, and I’m especially a sucker for soft sole toddler shoes—I love how lightweight they are for the kiddos. They are perfect for indoor or outdoor play and fit even the chubbiest of feet!

There’s nothing cuter than watching squishy toddlers take their first few steps! They waddle across the room with their arms out, and they somewhat resemble Uncle So-and-So when he’s had a few too many during that family get together. As adorable as it might be, those sweet babies are also learning a very important skill. They actually use all parts of their feet—including those tiny little toes—to figure out balance and mobility. I imagine the soft sole shoes to just be more comfortable too! Let’s be real, if they made soft sole shoes for adults, I would TOTALLY wear them.

Robeez was one of the first companies to come out with soft sole shoes for infants and toddlers years ago. Their footwear mimics bare feet by flexing and bending with every step. Brilliant, right? And their designs have come a long way too!

Soft Sole Toddler Shoes by Robeez

Little Peanut, Cozy Moccasin and All Star Rodney by Robeez

Today there are multiple brands to choose from that all offer soft sole shoes. Each one is unique, stylish and sure to fit into your little one’s shoe collection. Here are some of my favorite picks for soft sole toddler shoes, along with a few features that make each brand stand out.

The soft sole shoes from See Kai Run are perfect for fat feet. The soles are made of suede fabric with two leather grips, so they’re great if you have hardwood floors or tile at home ($39.50 and up).

Livie & Luca is a newer brand, and I love their vintage style and super soft leather ($39 and up).

Check out Pediped for the largest selection of soft sole shoes. They have solid leather soles that are great for outdoor play, and I’ve never heard of a Pediped shoe rubbing a blister on anyone. These are all around great shoes ($35 and up).

Minimoxie makes metallic baby moccs—need I say more? Each and every shoe from this sweet brand is handmade by the designer. Good luck picking your favorite ($40 and up).Soft Sole Toddler Shoes

1. Kristine by See Kai Run, 2. Baby Fox by Livie & Luca, 3. Originals Betty by Pediped 4. Minimoxie Mocc Ankle Boots by Minimoxie

Do you share my obsession with tiny little shoes? What are your favorite brands for soft sole toddler shoes?