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Pack Lunch Right with Munchkin

In my opinion, lunch is the most important meal of the day. It fuels our kids through the second half of the day when they are running low on energy and gives them the brain power they need to absorb their ABCs and 123s. Growing up, I was a victim of the brown bag lunch—you know the one! So now, as my daughter starts school, I’ve vowed to mix it up a little bit.  We’ve teamed up with our friends at Munchkin for some useful and fun tips on how to bring a little magic to lunchtime.

One of my favorite ideas is the Silly Sandwich Cutter. Turning an ordinary turkey sandwich into a puzzle or elephant will fill your kids’ imaginations and their bellies. And an extra smile at lunchtime is always a plus.

Silly Sandwich Cutter

We all know that kids aren’t gentle with their lunch boxes. Between bouncing around in the backpack and the noontime rush to the lunchroom, lunch slides around and can become a blended mess. Keep everything in its place with Munchkin’s Click Lock Bento  Mealtime Set. This 9-piece set was carefully thought out to make sure that lunch doesn’t mix when your little one is out and about.  It even comes with its own fork and spoon!


The second most important thing (next to lunch) is snack time! My daughter is only given ten minutes for snack recess. When you are trying to fit in the monkey bars and a quick snack, ten minutes isn’t a lot. So I turned to the Snack Tower from Munchkin.  Kids can carry it with them on the playground, and they won’t end up with soggy crackers if you pack grapes and goldfish.


Of course, don’t forget the “love, mom” note to make your little one’s lunch complete. What are your go-to solutions for packing your kids’ school lunch?