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DIY: Lego Tissue Box Holder

Recently my kids have become quite the Lego enthusiasts, and it got me thinking back to my Lego days. When I was about fourteen (yes, fourteen) and my Lego playing days were over, I decided to put those old blocks to use and created a Lego tissue box holder for my recently made over bedroom. I just had my parents dig it out of my childhood closet, dusted it off and added it to my son’s nightstand.

DIY Lego Tissue Box

The dimensions of this box are 34 x 20 dots and 11 blocks high, with flat panels across the bottom and around the edge of the top. It fits a standard box of tissues. I also built it so that one wall (the right one below) was a separate piece from the rest , so I could slide the box of tissues in from the side without too much destruction. You could also leave the bottom open if you prefer, but I wanted the stability of a bottom panel.

Lego Tissue Box Holder

So if you have your own Lego fan, this is a super easy project to add a little Lego love to your child’s room. You can always find old Legos on eBay if you don’t want to dig into your kids’ collection. Happy building!