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Your Burning Nursery Design Questions

Designing a nursery from start to finish can be incredibly fun, but it can also be extremely stressful, scary and overwhelming, especially if you’re a first-time parent. That’s part of why we do what we do—we want our design clients to feel at ease and excited about their nurseries, and we want to help them enjoy the whole process. We get a lot of emails from people across the nation asking for help and advice for their nurseries, but since we’re based in Southern California, it’s hard for us to get our services to those in other states. However, we have some exciting news—that’s about to change, and we’re looking for a little help!

Nursery Design Rendering by Little Crown Interiors

We want to hear your most pressing nursery design questions—think of it as a little bit of a freebie from Little Crown Interiors! For example, do the safety issues seem daunting? Are you unsure about what your first purchase should be? Perhaps you’re a little overwhelmed by the abundance of options, or maybe you can’t figure out how to find just the right items. If you’ve already designed your nursery, what do you wish someone had told you before you started? What mistakes did you make, and what awesome tricks would you share with other new parents?

Little Crown Interiors Nursery Design

Why are we asking all of this? Well, this fall, we’re releasing Your Perfect Nursery, an e-book all about designing a fabulous and functional space! We’ve been working hard for almost a year to make sure that we include as much information as possible to give parents-to-be a thorough look into what it takes to bring a nursery design to life. We’ll be focusing on all the major elements of a nursery design, from figuring out the floor plan and learning what’s important in selecting furniture, to implementing nursery safety, deciding on a color palette, choosing textiles and even installing the room. Check out our working cover—what do you think?

Your Perfect Nursery E-Book by Little Crown Interiors

Please comment below with your burning nursery design questions and all the things you wish you had known before starting the process. We’ll be choosing a few to answer in our next post, as well as expanding on these and many more aspects of nursery design in our upcoming e-book. We hope you’ll also share your best advice so that the readers of Project Nursery all get to benefit!


Friday 12th of August 2016

The main question I have for baby #2 is how to design a nursery WITHOUT a dresser or changing table. I always changed my daughter on a changing pad on the floor, and both kids have more than enough closet space in their rooms. I would rather not find another dresser and anchor it into the wall if I can design a nice space without one...but I haven't seen any inspiration for that! I need something to put a sound machine, humidifier, and likely an ok-to-wake clock eventually, but don't know where to start!

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Wednesday 22nd of October 2014

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Tuesday 21st of October 2014

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Wednesday 24th of September 2014

For me, it was really tough figuring out what companies to even consider when trying to find bedding and gear since I didn't know any of the baby brands! And on top of that, I had no idea what the price points were so google searches might turn out awesome companies but ones which were too pricey. Also, I had heard of retailers like Babies 'R Us but were unfamiliar with some of the other big name online retailers, like or in the beginning. It would have been nice to know what the popular retailers and brands were ahead of time somehow! It probably would have made my selection process a lot smoother.

Little Crown Interiors

Tuesday 30th of September 2014

Thanks Rose! You're right - it can be so overwhelming with all that is available on the internet nowadays.


Tuesday 23rd of September 2014

I'm overwhelmed by all the great choices and design directions that I could go with my baby's nursery. I find that I like many different styles. How do I mix them so that it appears cohesive and intentional. How do I choose the right rug, chair fabric, window treatments and furniture? I'd like to be able to switch up the bedding and accessories from time to time and would like the big pieces to work with just about anything.

Little Crown Interiors

Tuesday 23rd of September 2014

Thank you for sharing your questions! We will be choosing some to answer next time so stay tuned!