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August Project Gallery Winners

We loved all the talent we saw in the gallery, but only two projects can be named our August Project Gallery winners. In the room category, congratulations to Amberpage11—the pink and gold nursery you created had us swooning with its femininity and elegance. We also fell head over heels for the chic Parisian baby shower that Carmen Navarro so beautifully planned. We hope you’re ready to indulge yourselves because a $50 Visa gift card is on its way to both of you!

Elegant Pink and Gold Nursery - Project Nursery

Sophie’s Pink and Gold Nursery by Amberpage11
Melanie, of Style Scout, says, “I love this take on a classic girl’s room color palette. The striped wall adds interest, and I love how the library wall incorporates so much color into the room! The mobile is a fantastic piece that adds a whimsical feel to the space.”

Parisian Baby Shower - Project Nursery

Parisian Baby Shower by Carmen Navarro
Sabrina, of Project Nursery, says, “Having lived in Paris myself, I couldn’t help but fall in love with this gorgeous baby shower. The black and white canopy and those chic, Chanel-inspired pearls had me thinking, ‘Ooh la la, c’est magnifique!’”

Interested in participating this month? Finalists are selected by our contributors and revealed on the 3rd Monday and Tuesday of every month—September 15th and 16th are next. Upload your own projects to our Project Gallery now to enter!