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10 Creative Gender Reveal Ideas

The idea of a planned gender reveal is a newer tradition. Whether you throw a party or do it with a small group, you get to share this amazing moment with friends and family. We’re sharing some creative gender reveal ideas below.

Pinata. Take turns swinging at a pinata filled with either pink or blue confetti until it breaks open.

Gender Reveal Pinata - Project NurseryGender Reveal Pinata

Scratch Off. There is built in anticipation in any scratch off thanks to those tempting lotto tickets. Why not make it a surprise that pays out either way?

Gender Reveal Scratch Off - Project NurseryGender Reveal Scratch Off Card

Balloon Release. A balloon release is fun, whimsical and provides amazing photo ops.

Gender Reveal Balloon Release - Project NurseryGender Reveal Balloon Release

Balloon Pop. Love this idea of popping a big (opaque) balloon filled with either pink or blue confetti.

Balloon Pop Gender Reveal - Project NurseryGender Reveal Balloon Pop

Chemical Reaction. This science themed gender reveal was filled with clever ideas, including the formula that finally revealed the baby’s sex.

Science Themed Gender Reveal - Project NurseryScience Themed Gender Reveal Party

Cake Reveal. This traditional reveal is sweet and easy to accomplish. Just hand off the doctor’s envelope to your local baker and eat up the sweet results.

Gender Reveal Cake - Project NurseryGender Reveal Cake

Surprise Cake. Taking the gender reveal cake to a whole new level, this cake will reveal an avalanche of fun inside.

Gender Reveal Cake

Surprise Inside Cake Recipe and DIY at Betty Crocker

Props. Pass out props, like this gender reveal sparkler, and have your guests all pull off the reveal at once.

Gender Reveal Sparkler Gender Reveal Sparkler

Paint Splash Art. Splash some paint—pink or blue—onto a blank canvas to reveal your baby’s sex.

Gender Reveal Paint Splash Art - Project Nursery Artistic Gender Reveal

Delivery Room Surprise. Okay, so maybe this one isn’t so creative, but sometimes the biggest surprise of all is hearing those magic words in the delivery room, “Its a…”

Gender Reveal Party - Project Nursery

Tuesday 14th of July 2015

[…] And here are some great ideas for the moment of truth: 10 Creative Gender Reveal Ideas […]

Brianne Geiger

Sunday 21st of September 2014

I did glow sticks! Highly recommended!! If anyone is looking for another creative way! And I was able to keep it a secret from even myself and my husband!

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