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Spell it Out: Nursery Name Art

Do you want to incorporate your child’s name in his or her room? There are so many cute ways to spell it out. From boys’ rooms to girls’ rooms, here are five of our favorite examples of nursery name art that will add a little personality to the space.

Vintage Letters. Check out your local antique stores and vintage shops. We were lucky to find these amazing letters at a downtown Phoenix vintage store. You can also check Etsy for sellers who may carry vintage letters. Tip: Don’t forget to check sizes and depths to make sure the letters you choose will be proportional with one another.

Nursery with Vintage Name Letters

Baby Jack’s Nursery

Initials. Not sure you want to spell out the full name? Just using the first initial of your child’s name can be really cute too. In this nursery, we created a pixelated letter to pull in all the colors in the room. To get our tutorial for making a pixelated letter, visit our shop.

Nursery with DIY Pixelated Letter

Eclectic Wood-Paneled Nursery

Art Prints. Hang a sweet little art print with your child’s name. You can incorporate it into a gallery wall or even display it on its own. We chose a design that incorporated the child’s first, middle and last names and included it in a gallery wall.

Eclectic Gallery Wall with Name Art

image from J & J Design Group

Storybook Letters. Letters made out of the pages of vintage storybooks are always a darling addition to your nursery, especially hung above a book display.

Vintage Storybook Page Letters

Vintage Storybook Name Letters from J & J Modern Kids

String Art Letters. String art letters are back on trend. They are very fun and actually pretty easy to make yourself. If you aren’t that ambitious, head on over to Etsy to find some really fun options.

Modern String Art Letters

Modern String Art Letters from NineRed on Etsy

Letters come in so many different shapes and sizes. You are sure to find nursery name art that will make the space personal and a little extra special for your little one!