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Feeding On-the-Go with Munchkin

My daughter is 18 months old, and like any toddler, she’s into everything, running around all day and always hungry. We desperately needed smarter solutions when it came to food and snack storage, so we were excited to try out some of Munchkin’s products.

The Click Lock Snack Catcher is amazing and is now a staple in my baby bag. It has an easy-grip handle and spill-proof design that still allows her to reach for a snack at any point. I swear this thing (full of cheddar bunnies) is the only way that I get any grocery shopping done these days. Total lifesaver.

Munchkin Snack Catcher and Straw Cup

I don’t know about you, but in our house, it takes an Act of Congress to assemble a toddler cup. I’m always stuck with one part to one straw, a lid that doesn’t match and a top that doesn’t screw in. It’s beyond frustrating. The Munchkin Click Lock Straw Cups have colored straws that make keeping track of them SO much easier, as well as click lock tops to let you know they are secure, and an easy grip so that my little one can hold it great with one hand.

Munchkin Feeding Products

My sweet girl starts a Mother’s Day Out program next week (tear!) where we have to pack a snack and lunch for her every day, so Munchkin’s amazing Bento Box came at a great time. It has compartments, comes with toddler-friendly utensils and also has the Click Lock feature, so that you can ensure it’s properly sealed. It also fits perfectly into her lunchbox and will make mommy’s life so much easier when packing lunches the night before.

Munchkin Bento Box

On top of being super organized, I will now be the super cool mom thanks to these Silly Sandwich Cutters. We all know that we will go completely out of our way to get a toddler to eat her meal, and this is the perfect way to help. We really love PB&J elephants around here lately.


We are always out and about, and I like knowing that I can pour my little one a cup of milk, and it will stay cold for a few hours in the Click Lock Insulated Straw Cup.

Munchkin Insulated Straw Cup

My on-the-go life with a toddler in tow just got a whole lot easier (and a lot less messy!) thanks to Munchkin.

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