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Nursery Ottomans

One of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can have in your home is an ottoman. Nothing comes in more shapes and sizes or more colors and patterns. No matter where you place them, ottomans are always adaptable to the function of the space, and they also happen to be the easiest way to add a touch of fun to the nursery.

The traditional round ottoman can be updated and re-dressed with a pleated skirt. Keep the fabric solid and let the details shine.

Pink Ottoman with Pleated Skirt

image from Annette Tatum Kids

A simple, round ottoman covered in a fabulous patterned fabric will add interest to a room. Draw the eye by placing it in the center of a more neutral space to create balance.

Shared Bedroom with Blue Patterned Ottoman

image from The Anderson Studio

An X-bench is a sophisticated update to any room. Traditional in shape, it can be transformed with stripes, detailed patterns or even simple neutrals. The X-bench can also easily transition into more grown-up spaces like the end of the bed, under a console or by a fireplace.

Striped X-Bench Ottoman

image from Room for Children: Stylish Spaces for Sleep and Play by Susanna Salk

The great thing about ottomans is that they come in so many different styles and shapes. Adding fun patterns, colors and details makes them the perfect pop for your room.

Eclectic Ottomans from Zid Zid Kids

image from Zid Zid Kids

In the nursery, ottomans create additional seating without taking up a lot of space. You can tuck them away, move them to the side or pull them out into the room—they are truly multifunctional.

Turquoise Moroccan Pouf

image from Niche Interiors

Whether you choose a statement-making piece or go for a more subtle style, ottomans are the perfect accent. Did you include an ottoman in your nursery design?


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Thanks. I never thought about how she might react the next time she was faced with the Tooth Fairy or any other icon of imiatngaion. But as long as she wants a visit from the Tooth Fairy, he’s happy to oblige.