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Kinetic Sand

Have you tried kinetic sand yet? Oh my gosh, this stuff is mesmerizing. I had heard about it, but not yet experienced it until recently when my local craft store had it out on display.

The sand sticks to itself but not you, and it’s completely dry. You can mold with it a little, but it falls apart easily too. That sounds frustrating, but watching it erode is pretty neat too. Both my kids—two and five—and I were completely fascinated by it. It’s a really cool sensory experience, which is great developmentally for kids.

Kinetic Sand

It comes in traditional sand color and lots of other fun colors too. It’s not the cheapest stuff around, but I totally fell into the impulse buy the craft store was hoping for—genius move, having it out on display. If someone out there knows how to make kinetic sand, we’d love to hear the kinetic sand recipe!

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