Design Reveal: Kelton’s Great Outdoors Room

Kelton is a four-year-old boy who loves camping and being outside, so when his parents approached us to design his new room, we thought it made perfect sense to create a space based on the things he likes to do most. They requested an outdoor feel complete with a reclaimed wood wall, and they already had a really cute plaid quilt set from Pottery Barn that they were hoping to use in the space. We couldn’t wait to get started on Kelton’s great outdoors room.

While we love the reclaimed wood wall look, we wanted to try a new version. Instead of filling the wall with narrow boards, we thought applying larger 12 inch stained boards over a navy blue wall would be really fun. The result is a striped wall full of texture and reminiscent of a log cabin.

Outdoor-Inspired Big Boy Room

To coordinate with the plaid bedding, we used the navy blue in the quilt and brightened it up with vibrant greens, yellows and a touch of orange. The hip gold arrow and orange fox pillows are just beckoning Kelton to dive into bed. The pockets in the cargo duvet are perfect for holding his favorite stuffed animals or hiding his prized possessions from his younger brother, two-year-old Tanin.

Duvet with Cargo Pockets

We accented the nightstands with some really fun, bright green table lamps and added a yellow clock and fun little suitcase boxes to hide clutter so everything stays neat and tidy. The original nightstands didn’t come with pulls, so we found rustic hemp pulls that look like they were made for the room.

Outdoor-Inspired Big Boy Room

On the opposite side of the room, we created a gallery wall full of inspirational images and quotes. We love mixing cool hipster images with classic ones for an updated look that will grow along with Kelton. The basset hound bookends are a fun touch to display his favorite books.

Boys Outdoor-Themed Gallery Wall

Kelton and his parents have been thrilled with the finished room, and we couldn’t be happier. We envision lots of warm cuddles with mom and dad on his comfy new bed and sweet giggles coming from his room when he finally decides that his little brother is cool enough to come in.

Photography by John Woodcock


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    I would also like to know where I can find this bed. This would be perfect for my little boy. Thanks

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    Hello! Love this room. Trying to achieve similar look with the boards on the walls and can’t get the stain color right! Do you mind sharing what color stain you used??

  6. 11

    How did you hang the wood boards on to the wall? Did you use screws, glue or nails?

    Thank you,

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    Love this wall! I’m trying to recreate in my son’s room. Would you mind sharing the stain color on the boards?

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    Coukd you please share the paint brand & color for the navy wall and the color of stain you used on the boards? I’m wanting to recreate this wall for my 14 year old son who loves the outdoors & western decor! Thank you

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    I would also love to know the stain color for the boards, paint brand/color, and where the bed and nightstands are from to recreate for my four year old as well. This is spectacular!

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    What is the stain color you used on the board, what size is the letter and how did your attach the boards to the wall. Thanks Annie

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    Hi I love the Plank Wall but I also am trying to find the Stain color to match! Would you mind sharing what the stain color for the boards was that was used!?

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    Am I missing the answers to all these questions or do they emailed to you? I would like too now the exact color of the blue and the stain on the boards as well. Also, how are the boards fastened to the wall? Thanks

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    I was looking for these same answers but since no one answers from this site, I found J&J Designs Group on Facebook. Left a message on the room’s pic and am waiting for an answer :)… fingers crossed.

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    Unfortunately, the paint color and stain were picked on site with a contractor and the designers do not have it written down. Your local hardware store may be able to help you match the colors if you show them the photo. Good luck with your design!

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    I have pinned this before and it popped back on my feed again and this time I realized the little boy is named Kelton. That is my son’s name! I too, am wanting to revamp his room, and his favorite color is orange. That’s why the large orange “K” grabbed my attention. Great room!

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    Hi there

    Can you provide the stain colour and the blue colour ? Also thickness of boards and did you nail or glue them to wall? Thanks !

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    I can’t seem to find the answers to questions. Also looking for the blue wall color and wood stain color. Any help is much appreciated.

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