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Perfect Spacing: How to Lay Out a Nursery

One of the biggest obstacles to successfully designing any space is figuring out how to lay out the room properly. It’s also very important to make sure you have just the right amount of furniture so the room doesn’t look overcrowded or under-furnished. Of course the nursery is no exception to this challenge, and over the years, I’ve developed some helpful pointers on how to lay out a nursery to make sure the spacing is just right.

Nursery-Layout2Gray, Owls and Chevron Nursery

Newspapers aren’t just for reading. Using old newspapers to lay out a space is a great designer’s trick. If the room is empty (which many nurseries tend to be in the beginning), lay out sheets of newspaper in the spots where you think you want the furniture. This will give you a feel for how much walking room you will really have once everything is in place.

Windows, doors and vents—oh my! Always consider the locations of the windows, doorways and vents in a room. Baby should never be too close to the vents or the windows when sleeping. Make sure to also account for opening doors (including closets, doorways and even armoire doors).

Storage wars. Storage is key in planning any nursery. The space must efficiently and conveniently house all of baby’s necessities and allow for easy access. Make sure to consider where the drawers will be and what they will contain so you can thoughtfully decide how many dressers you will need.

Cribs don’t last forever. Babies grow and so does furniture. Although cribs are pretty compact, beds aren’t, so make sure to account for the size of a bed when planning the layout of the room. If you have too many case pieces, you will have to remove some when a bed replaces the crib, and that ends up being a big waste.

Technology rules. If you can take proper measurements, then an online layout tool is key in mapping out the room. Check out some of these free tools that can help make even the most spacially-challenged novice an interior design pro.

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Tuesday 15th of September 2020

[…] furniture first, you allow for better visualization of your nursery. Doing this also helps map out the layout of your baby’s room and give you an idea of how each space will be […]


Monday 17th of October 2016

Hi! This helps out a lot with space planning. Especially the tip with the newspaper. Do you know where the crib is from in the picture?