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DIY: Hanging Flower Ball

The other day I just happened upon the craft store when all their faux flowers were on sale for 75% off! This gave me the perfect opportunity to try out an idea I’ve had for some time now—a hanging flower ball. Most of the other flower balls I’ve seen are made with just one type of flower, but I really wanted to mix up the traditional look with a variety of bright blooms for a summer party. My original idea was to attach the flowers to jumbo round balloons, but I quickly discovered that not even a 36″ balloon full of helium could hold up these flower laden creations. Luckily, I had a jumbo honeycomb ball that I was able to use to bring my idea to life!

DIY Hanging Flower Ball

Materials: an assortment of faux flowers, foam balls, ribbon, bows, scissors, hot glue gun, hot glue sticks, a toothpick and a wooden dowel with the end sharpened

DIY Hanging Flower Ball Supplies

Trim down the stems of the faux flowers to about an inch or so. Use a toothpick and/or wooden dowel to poke a hole in the foam ball if the stems are on the flimsier side. Insert each flower stem into the foam and secure with hot glue. Continue to attach flowers to the foam ball in this manner until it is almost completely covered (leave a spot bare where you want to attach the bow).

DIY Hanging Flower Ball

Hot glue the bow onto the foam ball where you’d like it to be placed. I used a paper bow and decided to glue it flat onto the ball with the ends hanging off to get the look I was going for. After attaching the bow, finish attaching flowers all the way around so that no foam is showing.

DIY Hanging Flower Ball with Bow

Using a sharpened wooden dowel, push the ribbon through the foam ball from the top to the bottom, creating a loop of fabric at the top to hang your flower ball from. Hold onto the top of the ribbon while you remove the dowel from the bottom. Secure the ribbon with hot glue, and trim the bottom to the desired length.

DIY Hanging Flower Ball

You can now hang your flower ball! I added mine to the bottom of my large honeycomb ball and hung it in the center of a large white tent we put up for shade at our outdoor summer party. I loved the pop of color that the hanging flower ball added to our event!