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Design Reveal: Tanin’s Big Boy Room

Moving your child from a crib to a big girl or big boy bed is both exciting and nerve-racking. Many thoughts are running through your head. Will he stay in his bed? Will she fall out of the bed? Will he get into trouble in the middle of the night? These are questions that every parent has as they prepare for the big transition.

Tanin’s parents had the same concerns, but he was two and they wanted to make the big move. They wanted Tanin’s big boy room to reflect his spunky personality and to be a space he could grow into.

We carefully selected bright colors and fun patterns for Tanin. We wanted a palette that would grow with him, so we grounded the space with navy blue. The positioning of Tanin’s bed was also very important. We pushed it into the corner for a little added protection from falling out of his bed, and he also has a bed rail (not pictured). His mom can rest a little more peacefully at night knowing he is safe!

Navy Blue, Gray and Orange Big Boy Room

We decided to paint the heartbeat pattern on the wall to the right of the bed. This can be a tricky wall to decorate because of curious little hands, so we made it interesting with the paint detail instead.

This room wouldn’t be complete without a library. Since Tanin is still only two, he loves to read books with his mom and dad before bed. We decided to make the book ledges long to fill the large wall, and we found a great armchair that is perfect for snuggling and story time.

Big Boy Room with Book Ledges

Gray Upholstered Armchair from Ikea

We chose a collection of art prints that are a reflection of Tanin’s personality. We also added in some 3D elements like the arrow to make the grouping pop off of the wall and give it a bit more interest.

Big Boy Room with Gallery Wall

The color inspiration for the room came from an Abacus that Tanin’s mom already had. She said, “These are perfect colors for Tanin—they really fit his personality.” We also brought in the colors from the abacus in the deconstructed chevron rug.

Big Boy Room Wall Decor

So far so good for little Tanin. He is adjusting quite well to his new big boy room, and we hope his room design helped him a little in making the transition! Look out for our post next month when we will be revealing his big brother Kelton’s new room.

Photography by John Woodcock

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  2. avatar Karaline says:

    Where is the bed from?

  3. avatar Stacy says:

    Can you please email me more pictures of the point The picture cuts it off a little Bit my email is I love the room and I would love to do this for my son but I need to have a really good picture of the one accent wall that has the point for my painter. Thank you, Stacy

  4. avatar NJ says:

    Love the wall colors. Could you please tell me all the colors used for this wonderful room?

  5. avatar Johnna says:

    Love this room…. Would love to know where the bed came from??

  6. avatar Hayley says:

    Well done, ladies… as usual! I’ve been eyeing that same armchair for Bug’s room, but have yet to make the 3 hour drive to my closest Ikea. ;)

  7. avatar Amanda says:

    I’ve been looking for that exact same bed for my son! I live in Phoenix, where can I find this bed?
    Thank you!


  8. avatar MichelleM says:

    Where is that bed from?? I’m looking for a bed for my 2 year old little boy and LOVE the soft style of this!!

  9. avatar PamGinocchio says:

    What a fun room for big boy Tanin! I love all the details, art and color in the space. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful room J&J!