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Stars and Stripes

There is something to be said for style that’s inspired by Americana—it’s the kind of design that evokes memories of summer, parades and everything fun. Nothing says Americana like stars and stripes, and they can be the perfect inspiration for you little one’s room decor.

Stars and stripes come in all sizes and colors. Whether they’re vertical or horizontal, red, white and blue or soft and neutral, they remain a classic.

Modern Blue and White Nursery

image from Coastal Living

Boldly go where stripes go—in this case, it’s around the room. Mix up the colors to add linear drama.

Nursery with Red and White Striped Accent Wall

image from Samantha Pynn

If stripes aren’t your thing, try adding statement-making stars on the walls.

Nursery with Star Wallpaper

image from Sissy + Marley

Find a one-of-a-kind star from the past and bring back its shine!

Traditional Nursery with Reclaimed Wood Star

image from Houzz

The great thing about stars and stripes is that they alway work. They are classic design shapes that people identify with, no matter how you use them. They are a reminder of youth, purity and of course, the good ol’ days of summer and fun.

Blue Nursery with Striped Accent Wall

image from Sarah Richardson Design

Did you include stars and stripes in your nursery or big kid’s room? What was your inspiration?