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DIY: Faux Marquee Wall Letter

I was so excited when my bestie had her baby, and I wanted create something special to hang in her nursery. Marquee letters are so hot right now, and the trend provided the perfect inspiration for this DIY faux marquee wall letter nursery decor project.

DIY Faux Marquee Letter

Materials: 24″ wooden letter, a variety of knobs (this letter needed six knobs, but some letters may need more or less), spray paint, finishing sanding block, drill

Faux Marquee Letter Supplies

Space out the knobs on the letter, mark their positions and drill the holes. The knob placement will vary based on the letter you choose. Next, lightly sand the surface of the letter, and apply a coat of spray paint.

Spray Paint Wall Letter

Lightly sand in between coats of spray paint as they dry.

Pink Marquee Wall Letter

Once the final coat of paint dries, it’s time to add the hardware.

DIY Faux Marquee Wall Letter

I mean, c’mon—how easy was that? This faux marquee wall letter is the perfect personalized accessory to add to any room. Make it for yourself or as a gift. It’s a great statement piece of wall decor, or you could make it functional and hang things from it.

Now it’s ready to hang in Shannon’s new nursery—stay tuned for the design reveal soon!