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Cool Picks for Kids from ICFF 2014

I love visiting the ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) each year to see new products and trends coming up in the world of modern design. This vast design expo hosts 629 exhibitors from 38 countries, and this year I was thrilled to find a bigger selection of wonderful furnishings for nurseries and kids’ rooms than ever before! Here are a few of my favorite cool picks for kids from the show.

I was blown away by the fun and practical design of the Amsterdam collection storage cabinets. Based on the architecture of a 17th century canal house in Amsterdam, these small armoires are a fun and inventive way of dealing with the never-ending quest for elegant closed storage. Use these varied pieces to store books, toys or clothing. Perfect for adults and kids alike, the sizing of these pieces creates a usable playhouse for everyone. I want one in white for myself!

This Is Dutch Storage Cabinets from Cool Kids Company

This is Dutch Storage Cabinets from Cool Kids Company

Japanese washi tape projects are so hot right now! This design tape is a fab way to transform your space with minimal effort—it’s a great project for everyone. Use a little or use a lot, and have some fun with design! The patterns and colors are varied and range from cute to sophisticated. You’re sure to find one to suit any child (or Mom) looking to work out a way cool washi look!

Design Tape from Mt Casa

Design Tape from Mt Casa

What you see in the photo below is actually wallpaper! I have always adored spaces with beautiful woodwork, paneling, crown molding or elegant chair rails, but not every home is built with these classic design graces. For those who seek a luxurious look without the stress of major construction, check out this trompe l’oeil wallpaper. It’s an instant ticket to your own Parisian apartment. Très chic for the nursery or bedroom of a growing child.

White Panelling Wallpaper from Mineheart

White Paneling Wallpaper from Mineheart

Good designs are sometimes written in the stars! This star wallpaper is available in two tones. The metallic neutral is chic, fun and right on trend! This print adds an instant feeling of clean modern design.

Lucky Star Wallpaper from Sissy + Marley

Lucky Star Wallpaper from Sissy + Marley

I hope you enjoyed some of my cool picks for kids from this year’s ICFF. It’s exciting to be able to share these wonderful designs with you. What do you find most inspiring? What would you send back to the drawing board?