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BOB Revolution FLEX and PRO Strollers

After the births of my babies, my role as a mother was prioritized above all else. I also quickly learned the importance of self-care in motherhood—making time for exercise has always been a steadfast physical and emotional pick-me-up. I recently gleaned some stroller workout tips at the Sports Club/LA from the BOB Stroller team in conjunction with the launch of their newest strollers—the Revolution FLEX and Revolution PRO.

BOB Revolution FLEX and PRO Strollers

According to the BOB team, the first step back to fitness is a taking a stroll. As you transition from a stroll to a jog or another more challenging workout, there are a few important things to keep in mind. Posture is often overlooked when working out with a stroller. Although it’s tempting to lunge forward while conquering a hill, try to keep your shoulders down and your wrists aligned with a light grip on the handlebar.

With the safety strap secured around your wrist, the seat in an upright position and the front-swivel wheel locked into place, older babies can come along on jogging excursions with the BOB line of strollers. The BOB Revolution FLEX and Revolution PRO make maneuverability a breeze, allowing children to be a part of the family fitness journey and learn about the world around them.

BOB Revolution PRO

Both of the new strollers are designed to include many of the popular BOB Revolution SE features. They also boast new handlebars that are adjustable to nine different positions. In addition, the Revolution PRO is equipped with a hand-activated rear drum brake for added control while jogging down hills and inclines.

BOB Revolution PRO in Wilderness

BOB Revolution PRO in Wilderness (also available in Black and Orange)

The BOB Revolution PRO single stroller ($499.99) and Duallie ($709.99) are currently available exclusively at REI and will join select outdoor and bike retailers in late June. The BOB Revolution FLEX single stroller ($479.99) and Duallie ($689.99) will be available online and in independent and major retailers in July.

Be sure to consult your physician prior to resuming a fitness regime, and check with your pediatrician to see if your baby is old enough and ready to ride in a jogging stroller.


Saturday 31st of January 2015

Actually, BOB revolution models don't have much difference. And the only difference between the pro and flex is the hand brake. But considering the flex costs only $20 less the pro is a better choice.