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Vendor Spotlight: The Spotted Zebras

Welcome to our series spotlighting featured vendors from our Vendor Guide. The guide includes carefully curated vendors from the baby and children industry in design, retail, special services and much more.

Meet The Spotted Zebras, a shop that offers custom wooden letters and monograms. Whether they’re hung over cribs or used as nursery decor, they’ve have been trending in our gallery for some time now, and we are happy to introduce you to a source from which you can purchase your own. Monograms and wooden letters from The Spotted Zebras are available in various fonts, styles and sizes, and you can get them unfinished or painted from a selection of beautiful colors. Learn more about The Spotted Zebras below, and make sure to visit their Vendor Guide listing here!

Oversized Wooden Letters from The Spotted Zebras

What about The Spotted Zebras makes you most proud?

It is such a pleasure to help people (especially new parents) finish off one of the most important rooms in their homes. We love it when customers send us photos of our products placed in their precious one’s room. It gives us a connection to them that you just can’t get if you resell another vendor’s work. We believe our product is top quality. We personally double check each piece of wood we use and sand the finishing touches by hand to make sure the monogram is ready to be finished either in our shop or by our customers. We know that on-time shipping is not negotiable; no one wants to wait any longer than necessary to finish a nursery! When customers have questions at any stage of the process, we offer personalized customer service to address their concerns. At the end of the day, we want to know we did everything possible to give our customers the best experience and the highest quality pieces for their spaces.

Custom Wooden Name from The Spotted Zebras

Do you have a signature product or design element?

Our signature product is our 30-inch wooden circle monogram. The design is modern and can serve to break up a striped wall or as a pop of contrasting color on a solid wall. It has been very popular in nurseries and makes a beautiful personalized statement in any room.

What do you think people might not know about The Spotted Zebras that you’d like to share?

We don’t outsource! Every single item is made to order in our shop. Working with customers on custom orders is one of our favorite things to do. We can make just about anything you can dream up, and as with all of our standard offerings, we can make it up to 55 inches in height or width.

Custom Wooden Name from The Spotted Zebras

What advice do you have for parents when curating their nurseries? Any nursery must-haves?

Choose furniture that will grow with your child. If you are on a budget (aren’t we all!) and plan to have more children, choose furniture you will love for either a boy or a girl. Choose a focal piece of decor and design your room around it. As a parent, you will spend a lot of your time in the nursery, and if you are comfortable spending time there and enjoy the space, your baby will too!

Wooden Letter from The Spotted Zebras

Where do you find your inspiration?

Decorating rooms for three kids is no easy task! We browse blogs like Project Nursery, Pinterest and magazines. As our children have grown and changed, so have their tastes. We constantly try to update here and there to focus on their current interests and achievements. Everybody loves to have something personalized, and monograms or wooden names let them know the space is theirs. We started making our own wooden monograms, and we just kept cutting! The connection to our customers keeps us thinking of what we need to offer them next. We are working on new items all the time and will be expanding our line soon.

Custom Wooden Monogram from The Spotted Zebras

Any advice you wish someone had given to you?

This is such a difficult question, but I’d have to say I wish someone had told me to always make sure to allow as much family time as possible into your schedule. It’s not sports, activities or playdates that we need to fill our children’s time. It’s time with us, their parents, that they need the most. We live in a very fast-paced world, and it can seem strange and sometimes even difficult to sit and do nothing but enjoy hanging out with our children. Spending time in mom’s lap reading books, throwing a baseball with dad in the backyard or having mom push them on the swing is what children desire most. Quality time with family is more important than any activity you can sign your children up for.

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