Nursery and Bedroom Lighting

Lighting is one of those special accents that is often overlooked. Setting the right mood for sleeping can make bed time easier, and while blackout shades and drapes are helpful, in the end choosing the right light fixture for the space can be just what your little one needs. It’s important to take note of what lights up the room. A ceiling light in the center of the room that dimly lights the space is perfect for nursing in the middle of the night, but a brighter light for those special story times can make all the difference. Here is some wonderful nursery and bedroom lighting inspiration that mixes function and design.

One-of-a-kind lighting decor brings a special, soft touch and some sweetness to a feminine big girl’s room.

Feminine Big Girl's Room with Floral Chandelier

image from Christine Dovey

I love this beaded chandelier as a centerpiece in the nursery.

image from Annette Tatum Kids

A drum style shade offers a clean spread of light that is evenly diffused.

Modern Nursery with Gray Felt Drum Pendant

image from Lay Baby Lay

For more focused lighting, add a wall sconce above the bed for nighttime reading. It will light up the space and add a functional touch to the room.

Children's Bedroom with Wall Sconce

image from Room for Children: Stylish Spaces for Sleep and Play by Susanna Salk

Bedside lighting is always a must. Reading in bed is a time where rest and relaxation takes place at any age. For an easy DIY, spruce up a simple white table lamp with colorful ribbon.

Nightstand with White and Lime Green Lamp

image from Annette Tatum Kids

Try adding a dimmer switch to light fixtures so you can always create the perfect ambiance in a space. Make your kids’ rooms bright spots or calming sanctuaries with thoughtful nursery and bedroom lighting.


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