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Carousel Designs Nursery Designer

When it comes to the design of my home, I’m not the type of girl to buy a coordinating seven-piece bedroom set or copy a room I found on Pinterest piece by piece. While it’s appealing in the sense of all the time it saves, in our home, I prefer to pull spaces together that are uniquely ours and filled with a curated collection of things we love.

That’s why I think the Carousel Designs Nursery Designer is such an incredible tool. I love that it gives you the ability to completely customize a crib bedding set for your little one’s nursery, and the fabric selection is nothing short of amazing. There are endless options that allow you to create a completely one-of-a-kind look for the entire space, but it takes some of the guesswork out of coordinating patterns and colors so you’re sure to end up with a beautifully designed nursery.

When you open the interactive online Carousel Designs Nursery Designer, you are met with a blank slate—white walls, white trim, hardwood floor, white crib and crib bedding that is just begging for pattern and color. Then the real fun begins as you start to customize everything in the room until you end up with your dream nursery.

Carousel Designs Nursery Designer

Carousel Designs Nursery Designer

Carousel Designs offers 400 high-quality fabrics that you can choose from for your crib sheet, crib skirt and bumper if you choose to include one. If you’ve fallen in love with a particular fabric, the Nursery Designer will automatically show you coordinating fabrics to make the process simple, easy and fun. There are also a variety of options for the skirt and bumper styles, adding another layer of customization—there’s even a brand new option for a triple tier crib skirt, a very popular choice!

The Nursery Designer is unique in that it also gives you the ability to visualize the nursery as a whole by allowing you to customize the crib’s surroundings. You can change the color of the walls and the trim using actual Benjamin Moore paint colors, choose the finish of the crib and select from a variety of different flooring options to truly make your virtual nursery your own.

Carousel Designs Custom Nursery

It’s so important to keep up with trends in both design and technology, and Carousel Designs is ahead of the curve. They constantly update their inventory of fabrics to offer the latest colors and styles, and if you are an iPhone or iPad user, you’ll love the Nursery Designer mobile app that gives you on-the-go DIY nursery design convenience.

Stay tuned for an even newer version of the Carousel Designs Nursery Designer that will be launching very soon!

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