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It’s SNOT Funny: Snot Suckers that Work!

It’s SNOT funny. At all. And we’ve all been there! There’s nothing worse than having a congested newborn/infant/toddler and a snot sucker that doesn’t work. It makes nighttime hard when you’re anticipating a sneeze that could be like a booger bomb exploding out of each nostril (yuck!), and worst of all, your sweet baby just can’t breathe comfortably. It’s hard enough to tell a toddler to blow his nose, let alone an infant, and let’s face it, that old school blue bulb syringe just doesn’t quite do the trick. Here are a few alternatives for snot suckers that actually work!

No matter how much air I forced out of one of these, it never seemed to suck out the amount of snot that I knew was in there, and the tip was always too big to really get a snug, airtight fit in those teeny tiny nostrils.

Bulb Syringe

But then I found this—meet the NoseFrida. It’s a tiny snot sucker that uses the power of your mouth (insert gag reflex) to suck out the baby’s snot. Yes, I had the same initial reaction that you’re having right now, but this thing is a miracle worker! Don’t worry—snot doesn’t get anywhere near your mouth, and they even sell extra filters for all you germaphobes out there! The snot comes out quickly and collects at the bottom of the straw. Your baby will be ecstatic that he can breathe, and you will be swearing by this product to every boogery baby’s mom.

NoseFrida Snot Sucker

Another option for manual snot extraction is the Baby Comfy Nose. It basically works the same as the NoseFrida, but I do like that it comes with a nifty pouch so you can stick everything in your dishwasher. The design of the aspirator eliminates any possibility of contact with mucus and germs.

Baby Comfy Nose Snot Sucker

If you still can’t stomach the thought of actually sucking out the snot yourself, there are a few great products on the market that require batteries rather than your mouth. The Graco Nasal Clear has a soft silicone tip and plays a variety of children’s tunes to help distract the kiddo.

Graco Nasal Clear

Mom Fact: Your kid’s not going to like any of these snot suckers, so pick the one that works the best and the fastest for you! Have you used any of these products? We’d love to hear your favorite tool or magic trick to help your little ones breathe!


Thursday 27th of April 2017

When it comes to efficiency nothing beats Nosiboo Pro. This is a new electric nasal aspirator. It is incredibly useful and gets the job done quickly. The process takes only a few minutes and my baby can get back to playing much faster.


Tuesday 22nd of April 2014

NoseFrida is THE BOMB. If you feel weird about it, just try it. It's AMAZING.


Tuesday 22nd of April 2014

NoseFrida all the way!!