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DIY: Mother’s Day Printable Keepsake

Some of my favorite Mother’s Day gifts have been those that capture just how little my kids are. My grandmother is always reminding me how quickly our children will grow. Once they are school-age, there is no shortage of cute little art project gifts, but before then, it’s up to us to help create these sweet keepsakes! Every year I try to create a seasonal craft the kids can do that features their handprints so I will always have reminders of the little hands I once held. Today I want to share a sweet Mother’s Day printable keepsake with all of you.

Mother's Day Handprint Keepsake

Materials: free printable Mother’s Day template, letter size paper (8½ x 11″), non-toxic paint, paint brush

Download the free template, and print out on letter size paper. You can add the date if you want.

Mother's Day Handprint Keepsake Free Printable

Brush your child’s palms with the paint of your choice, and press their hands into the center of the design.

Mother's Day Handprint Keepsake

Allow the paint to dry overnight, and voilà! You have a sweet art print of your child’s little hands.

Mother's Day Handprint Keepsake

You can frame your print or tuck it into a scrapbook. This Mother’s Day printable keepsake would make a great gift for grandma too! Soon you will look back and realize just how quickly they’ve grown.

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  5. avatar Daniela Walsh says:

    I’m featuring YOU today as part of my Mother’s Day gift ideas roundup. Thanks for the fab idea! :)



    Put A Bird On It

  6. avatar Jamie Elkington says:

    No problem whatsoever! Thanks for making this design available!

  7. avatar Beth_PN says:

    Jamie, there was a problem with the original file, but we’ve updated it if you want to download again. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  8. avatar Jamie Elkington says:

    I love this! Does the jpeg print okay? It won’t turn out pixelated?

  9. Such a precious idea – love the shot of the little girl making her handprints:)