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Momma’s Gone City Room Makeover: Design Board

Jessica Shyba from Momma’s Gone City and of #theoandbeau fame (her sweet photography series—and future book series—documenting her son and puppy’s adorable bond) has teamed up with us after her family’s recent move to reconfigure and redesign her children’s rooms. Thanks for sharing your journey with us, Jessica!

Even though there is a five-year gap between our oldest and youngest, designing our boys’ room was fun and much less challenging than I expected. They are starting to enjoy hanging out together more and more, and I think that putting them into the same room will be monumental in the blossoming of their brotherhood.

Jack and Beau share a love for sports, but I didn’t want an overly typical “boy room.” It’s important to me that their personal space be inspiring and comforting to them at the same time. The Land of Nod carries pieces that are not only unique but also push the creative envelope, and that’s exactly what I wanted.

Momma's Gone City Shared Boys' Room - Project Nursery

Radial Wall Shelf, Magnificent Metal Letter, Bean Bag, Foundry Nightstand, Between a Rock and a Lamp, Gold Bars Rug, Uptown Bed, Knighty Knight Bedding, Dragon Pillow, Super Bedding, Plushy Python, Notebook Rug, Black Bear Print, Party Animals Lion Canvas, Prairie School Desk, Class Act Desk Chair, Cubby Cups

The Land of Nod’s design team helped me pull everything together. They did a wonderful job mixing and matching their products to meet both of my boys’ interests while keeping the design seamless. Their team also helped me make the most of the boys’ shared space by assisting with the room layout.

Their room is their safe place, but also a haven for their hopes and dreams. And it needs to be super cool to a first grader. Between the superhero sheets to a cool shelf to display Jack’s latest Lego creations, we found some really amazing pieces for their space that spans not only their ages but also their interests while perfectly blending both into a really special space for my two sons.

Check out the before pictures, and stay tuned for the full reveal next week!

Design Reveal: Momma's Gone City Shared Boys' Room - Project Nursery

Thursday 10th of April 2014

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