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How to Choose a Glider

The glider is always everyone’s favorite spot in the nursery. It’s crucial to any functional nursery, and your selection process should be thorough so that you end up with something that is comfortable and soothing. Here are some tips on how to choose a glider.

Take it for a test drive. While shopping online is great for lots of items, the glider is not one of them. This is one piece of furniture that you must try out. Bring your husband and let him take it for a spin (this is sure to be his favorite part of the shopping experience). Relying on style alone is not wise because things like comfort and a great fit are so individual that you need to take a glide to find out what fits your body type. It’s so important to make sure that the back is the right height, the seat is the right depth and the cushion is the right firmness for you. I also suggest doing your test run with a baby doll to see if you can position yourself comfortably for feeding.

Monaco II Glider by Little Castle

Monaco II Glider by Little Castle

Consider the features. From reclining to swiveling, gliders can do lots of fun tricks these days. Make sure you test out these features to make sure they are easy to operate and the motion suits you. Ottomans are also a great addition to the glider and help with pushing off to get a great glide.

Empire Rocker Glider and Ottoman by Angel Song

Empire Rocker Glider and Ottoman by Angel Song

Don’t forget about style. When I first started decorating nurseries, the glider selection was not fabulous. But with the introduction of the upholstered glider, we can kiss the standard wooden rocker goodbye. Gliders do not need to look the part. Find one that fits into your decor and can be used as a chair in the space once feeding is done.

Ayla Glider by Best Home Furnishings

Ayla Glider by Best Home Furnishings

What’s your favorite glider?

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  1. avatar Betsy says:

    Great suggestion to try the glider out. I suggest trying a glider or rocker in your local baby center, but cross check prices online as they may be lower. Thanks for sharing these gliders, I hadn’t seen these previously.

  2. avatar marek says:

    Great article, but I think it is missing two important points when it comes to choosing a perfect nursery glider. Considering the hours you’ll be sitting in it you need to pay attention to cushioning, before buying one just make sure it is thick enough. Also you’d want one that is easy to clean, as you can imagine those ‘spit and spill’ moments will happen, so you’d want easy to clean and stain resistant fabric to keep you nursery chair clean and fresh all year long.

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  5. avatar teneisha says:

    Trying it out with a baby doll is the best advice on here. We grew out of our glider before my maternity leave was up.

  6. avatar Jacqueline says:

    What is so hard is that many truly stylish gliders are only online, so you cannot try them out. We have tried at least 50 gliders and none fits both me and my husband. We know we have to both like the one we select. Add to this, the price tag is so high that I really don’t want to spend over $1000 on a chair that may not fit or be comfortable.