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In the Nursery with Stefanie Fox

This is our interview series in which we bring you the nurseries and kid rooms of successful designers, entrepreneurs and moms. Through this series, our featured guests will divulge some of their design secrets and share stories of how their nurseries came to be.

Today we’re chatting with Stefanie Fox of Lake Worth, Florida, who started WiFi Baby with her husband over three years ago. When they’re not focused on growing this amazing business, the parents spend time with their children, Dylan and Madylan. Stefanie’s husband teases her that everything she does—including designing Madylan’s eclectic purple and taupe nursery—is “an event,” which is fitting because her creative background is in event planning!

Stephanie Fox and Family

WiFi Baby is a top-reviewed wireless baby monitor that streams video and audio to iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac or PC. The system offers parents peace of mind by providing a way to always stay connected to their child while at home or away by acting as a nanny cam. The latest version, WiFi Baby 3, was released earlier this year.

Stefanie tells us, “Parents view WiFi Baby as more of a functional necessity than a decor item, but its small, sleek design allows it to easily blend in.” Take a peek at Madylan’s nursery—can you spot the Wifi Baby?

Eclectic Purple and Taupe Nursery

Nursery Wall Shelf with WiFi Baby

We knew Wifi Baby would be a must-have in Madylan’s nursery! What other ideas did you have when you started planning this room?

The one item I knew I wanted if we had a little girl was the vintage, wrought iron crib from Bratt Decor. The nursery was going to be taking over our last guest room, so we decided to wait and decorate after family had visited us once the baby arrived. While the baby slept peacefully in our room for a couple months, I was eager to dive in and start the inspiration and design process. The bonus was that by that point, I already had an idea of my little girl’s personality.

Eclectic Purple and Taupe Nursery

Reading Nook in Purple and Taupe Nursery

What are some of your favorite details of the room?

I have an obsession with lighting, so when it came time to find something for the nursery, I originally thought I would go with a traditional, girly chandelier. Then we decided to leave the ceiling fan in place—we do live in Florida, after all—which put a wrench in my plans. I got creative and used an existing floodlight in the ceiling to put a beautiful pendant light in the corner. I then placed the tufted glider and knitted pouf as an ottoman under the fixture. For my little DIY project, I took wine boxes I’ve owned for years, painted them and used those as a bookshelf. Now I have a cozy little corner to snuggle with my little one.

DIY Wine Crate Bookshelves

White Dresser with Mismatched Purple Knobs

Do you have any advice for parents who are about to start planning a nursery?

Take your time! I understand not all parents would wait until baby’s arrival to do a nursery, but don’t feel pressure to finish every detail. As long as baby has a safe place to sleep and a changing area, you can always make it a journey. Personalize the space by picking out items that reflect your baby and your family. Does anyone in your family have an heirloom to display? Maybe you found something sentimental during a special trip. Just like any other part of the home, don’t just fill it to make it full. While I was pregnant, my husband and I came across the dog and owl art at a local art and music festival and decided it would fit in either a boy’s or a girl’s room. When I look at them on the wall, I remember the fun day we had.

Stephanie Fox's Eclectic Purple and Taupe Nursery

Photography by Thompson Photography Group

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Sunday 22nd of February 2015

Hi Louise! Thank you...the wall color is Sherwin Williams Silverplate.


Monday 26th of May 2014

Gorgeous, so elegant and serene. I would love to know the wall color please.