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Gallery Roundup: Circus-Themed Nurseries and Parties

As parents of little ones, sometimes it feels like we’re living life under the big top. When we’re not juggling schedules or jumping through hoops, we spend our days as magicians, acrobats, “animal” tamers and—let’s face it—clowns. It’s a crazy life, and we love seeing how our readers have embraced the fun, festive and colorful parts of the circus in the fabulous projects in the gallery. Check out these inspiring circus-themed nurseries and parties, and don’t forget to follow our #SocialCircus throughout the month of April for more inspiration and amazing giveaways!

Vintage Circus-Themed Nursery - Project Nursery

Sebastian’s Circus Vintage Nursery by Round321

Circus-Themed Nursery Accents - Project Nursery

Price’s Bright and Modern Circus Nursery by saramiller72511

Circus-Themed Nursery Buffet - Project Nursery

The Greatest Show on Earth—Oliver’s Circus Birthday! by kay8love

Colorful Circus-Themed Nursery - Project Nursery

Colorful Circus Gender Neutral Nursery by howjoyful

Circus-Themed Birthday Party Photo Props - Project Nursery

Strong Man Circus 1st Birthday Party by Lindsey

Circus-Themed Nursery Wall Art - Project Nursery

Harrison Ellis and Lyla Jean’s Circus Twin Nursery by kassiep

Circus-Themed Party Decor - Project Nursery

Vintage Circus/Carnival 1st Birthday Party! by its_cheryl

For more inspiration or to upload photos from your nursery, big kid or party project, visit our Project Gallery!