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Behind the Scenes with Munire Furniture

Here at Project Nursery our love of children’s design has introduced us to some pretty amazing brands that we’ve grown to know and love over the years. Today we’re giving you a closer look at one of our favorites, Munire Furniture, a company that makes some of their products right here in the USA in their factory in Indiana, something we love to support.

Chatham Collection by Munire

Munire has been a mainstay in nursery furniture design and manufacturing for two decades, offering collections of convertible cribs and case pieces in a variety of styles and finishes. They are dedicated to making products that are safe above all else but are also stylish and affordable—we think that’s the perfect trifecta!

In order to meet the growing demand from parents for nursery furniture that is on trend and reasonably priced, Munire has launched many other brands including Echelon, Baby Cache and Sopora Sleep. The products from these brands (including Munire) are thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted. By using American hardwood, continuing their time-honored tradition of woodworking and implementing modern technology, their manufacturing process for these products is environmentally friendly, and they consistently produce high-quality heirloom pieces.

Eastport Collection by Munire

Jefferson Collection in Dove Gray

From the very beginning, Munire has been invested in creating quality products thanks to its president, Munir Hussain. With a background in furniture construction and children’s design, he built the company around the concept of handmade, sustainable furniture. As Munire grew and added other brands, their dedication to growing the amount they manufacture in the USA grew with them. Today Munire employs skilled workers in their factory in Indiana, and they remain passionate about craftsmanship, quality and supporting their community by continuing to create jobs in the future as they increase domestic production.

Munire Factory in Indiana

Echelon Manufacturing Facility

Not only are we enamored with Munire for their beautiful furniture and support of American made products, but their design process is pretty great too. They consider current trends and safety standards in addition to drawing inspiration from their main audience—parents and children. They’re open to ideas from customers who provide insight into the elements that are most important to them in designing a nursery. Aesthetics, safety and affordability are combined to create their gorgeous collections of furniture. When you invest in products from Munire, Echelon, Baby Cache, Sopora or any of their other brands, you can rest assured that they will last throughout your baby’s time in the nursery and for generations to come.

To view their complete furniture collections, visit Munire’s website.

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