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Pretty Light Bulbs

When designing a nursery, there are so many important things to think about, from making everything safe for baby to creating a space that’s super functional to adding all the beautiful touches that make the nursery special. One thing that’s easy to overlook—but still very important—is the lighting. It’s essential to have a variety of lighting options in the room (bright light, dim light, night lights, etc.) since it is used all hours of the day and night. While finding the right lamps and fixtures is a fabulously fun part of design, choosing light bulbs can be exciting too (no, we’re not kidding)! Here are some lighting ideas that we really love.

These half-chrome light bulbs are super fun, especially for modern and mid-century modern fixtures. We’ve used them in sputnik lights and table lamps alike, and they provide a bright, reflective and vibrant light that’s just beautiful.

Modern Half-Chrome Light Bulb

Available in a wide variety of base sizes and wattage specifications, these antique light bulbs can be found from many sellers, even your local hardware store. Their light tends to be a mild, yellow light, although they can certainly be bright when several are used together.

Edison Lightbulb

For a fun lighting effect, we think these faceted light bulbs would make gorgeous shapes and shadows on the walls.

Faceted Light Bulb

Someday we’d love to combine a faceted light bulb with this gorgeous chandelier. Let the fun begin!

Acrylic Chandelier with Crystals

From brightly colored to matte (instead of the traditional glossy finish) and in every shape and size, we found so many great choices to make your nursery lighting unique. The sky’s the limit, so have fun!