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How to Encourage a Love of Reading

It’s actually really easy to encourage a love of reading at an early age—read to your child often, have books readily available and make it fun. Kids love cuddling up and looking at the pictures with you. To celebrate Read Across America Day, here our some easy tips to integrate books into your baby’s life.

You can start working on this even before your baby is born. Consider having a storybook baby shower. Ask guests to bring their favorite children’s book to start building your child’s library. How adorable are the storybook cupcakes from this baby shower?

Storybook Cupcake ToppersStorybook Baby Shower by NicoleS

Keep books easily accessible to little hands. Try using low shelves and baskets or create a library wall with the covers facing out to entice your little one. Try using this library wall tutorial. Just don’t be surprised when your baby starts crawling over with book after book.

How to Create a Library Wall

There are so many great books out there for kids. You can find some of the PN Team’s favorite books for baby here. Katy Mimari, of Caden Lane, also shared some of her favorite children’s books. Young babies love interactive books—think flaps, textured pages and surprise elements.

Your child may go through a “speed reading” stage, where they are most interested in flipping those pages as fast as their tiny hands will allow. Just go with it; they’ll learn to love the story soon enough!

After racking up all those titles, you may need to come up with some creative ideas on how to organize your books.

Animal Book DividersAnimal Index by Hiroshi Sasagawa

Take advantage of your local library to borrow books. They often have great children’s programs too! Enjoy the special bonding time reading with your baby; even newborns will love hearing the sound of your voice reading a book to them.

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