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Introducing mbaby by Munchkin

We all know Munchkin for their great baby gear; I love their sippy cups and, of course, their revolutionary snack catcher. Now they are introducing mbaby, a layette line for babies one to twelve months old. When I heard about some of the innovative features of their baby clothes, I had to take a closer look.

One feature that I’m really excited about (even though my kids are too old to enjoy it—sniff, sniff) is the roll up cuff on the mbaby Sleepster. Similar to the fold-over hand mitt that you sometimes see on long-sleeved newborn shirts, the convertible feet on the Sleepster can roll up and be cuffed or cover the feet.

mbaby Sleepster

I love this for two reasons—first, when your baby starts pulling up and cruising around, it’s often easier for them if they are barefoot. You can still slip the footies back on to keep those little feet warm during naps (rather than putting socks on, which my kids liked to pull off during nap). Second, you can get more wear out of them even if your baby starts to outgrow the length of the footies.

The Sleepster also features mbaby’s “built-in blanket technology,” which means there’s an extra layer of fabric on the front to help keep baby comfortable when sleeping.

mbaby Striped Sleepster

The Onester, mbaby’s version of the onesie, also features a neat innovation. The front is a double layer and the back is single ply. You won’t know this until you first start pulling your newborns out of their car seats, but their backs can get pretty sweaty. It really does seem like it would be a nice feature to help infants stay cooler on their backs (where they spend most of their time) and warmer on the front.

mbaby onester

The mbaby collection is currently available on Gilt and will be available on Munchkin’s website starting Friday, January 24, 2014.


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