How to Choose a Crib

Picking the perfect crib doesn’t have to be overwhelming if you know what to consider when making your selection. Here’s some expert advice on how to choose a crib for your baby based on four main considerations—safety, style, stability and situation.

Safety. Choosing a safe crib trumps everything else. Your crib should meet and exceed every current government regulation—start by checking a brand’s recall history. Using a secondhand crib that is more than two years old is discouraged as regulations often change, and missing pieces can pose an issue for rebuilding a crib safely.

Traditional Mahogany Crib by Bellini

Mercedes Crib by Bellini

Style. This is the fun part—choose a crib that represents your personal style. Once you narrow down the material and shape of crib that will go with your nursery decor, you will be able to pick a brand and style that best captures the look and feel you want. The crib usually sets the tone for the nursery, so make sure to pick one that works with the ambiance you are trying to create.

Gold Crib by Bratt Decor

J’adore Crib by Bratt Decor

Stability. Safety and stability should go hand in hand, but I feel that although they meet safety standards, some cribs lack the sturdiness of others. Give your crib a good shake to see if it feels sturdy or rickety. The more solid it feels, the better the chance that the crib won’t move when your child does and that it will last for more than one child.

Beverly Crib by Newport Cottages

Situation. This last tip is not one many people consider when purchasing a crib, but I think it is super helpful. Do a quick “family assessment” to try and figure out the type of crib that’s best for your family. For example, if you want to use the same crib for all your children (assuming you are planning for more than one), selecting a gender neutral crib might be best for you. Or if you think that your baby will use the same furniture for a while, then buying a crib that converts to a toddler bed or even a full-size bed makes sense. Knowing how long you plan to use a crib or for how many children (your own or even a family member’s kids) will help you to determine how much to budget for a crib and the functions that are important to you.

Nursery Works Loom Crib

Loom Crib by Nursery Works

When buying a crib, do your research, ask good questions and buy from a trusted brand with a good, safe track record. Oh, and by the way…have fun—you’re having a baby!

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