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How to Create a Library Wall

Every nursery should have a great collection of books. Whether it is one of your favorites as a kid or a special one from Grandma, your cute little books deserve to be seen! Create a library wall to display your books and also make them accessible to your little one.

When I was pregnant with my first born, Marin, I was wandering aimlessly around IKEA for inspiration for her walls, and there they were, the Ribba picture ledges. If they were meant for pictures, why not books? I knew they would be perfect to display all of her books! These picture ledges have become a signature to our children’s room designs and are almost always requested by our clients.

Library Shelves with Photo collage

Here are a few tips and tricks to making the perfect library wall:

1. As a general rule, we usually hang the bottom shelf approximately 16 inches from the floor. This way you will clear any electrical outlets that may be in the way. We space our shelves about 10 inches apart. If you have a lot of very large books, you can space them to clear those books. You can also put your larger books on the top shelf.

2. It is very important to make sure your shelves are anchored to the wall and mounted in the studs. The shelves come with pre-drilled holes, so try to use those if possible. You may need to drill a new hole in the shelf if the studs in your wall do not line up with the existing holes. The reason it is so important to anchor your shelves to the studs is that the books will get heavy on the shelves. You want to be sure the shelves are secure and will not fall off of the wall, especially with your little one grabbing books off of them.

3. There are several fun things you can hang above your shelves to add more interest. You could add photos of your child in a grouping of frames like pictured above.

We also love to add our Read To Me or Custom Name storybook letters.

Nursery Library with Vintage Story Book Letters

Adding a grouping of fun art prints is always darling too. You can find quotes and pictures that are personal to you. We always find great prints on Etsy.

Book Ledges with Art Prints from Etsy

This is a great, inexpensive way to add a little fun to your nursery. Not only is it cute, but it is also functional. Your little one can grab their book, hop in your lap and enjoy that quality time with you reading their favorite book!

All photos by John Woodcock Photography

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