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Affordable Art for the Nursery

There is no shortage of beautiful artwork available, but let’s be realistic, sometimes we need to supplement with affordable art for the nursery too. If you have a tight budget, we suggest splurging on a couple great pieces and building around them with cheaper alternatives. Here are some ideas for building your nursery art collection.

Art Books. Buy budget art books, cut out your favorites and frame them. Hey, I’ve been known to hang artwork from old calendars too.

Printables. Take advantage of free printable art that artists occasionally offer, like this free bunny print from A Blissful Nest. Using free printable artwork is how I decorated my first son’s budget nursery. Print on your home printer and frame.

Free Printable Bunny Art - Project Nursery

Fabric. Use extra fabric to create quick and cheap art for the nursery. You can wrap it around a canvas (check out our diy fabric art canvas tutorial) or make your own embroidery hoop art.

image via Project Nursery Gallery

Baby Clothes. Framing a sweet baby outfit is not only sentimental but thrifty too. Maybe your mom even has one of your old baby outfits you could frame. Use this custom nursery clothing art tutorial.

Framed Baby Clothing Art - Project Nursery

DIY. Paint a quick canvas—look out for sales at your local craft store and you can quickly create some artwork for baby.

Hello DIY Canvas Art - Project Nursery

Washi Tape. Create your own design on the wall using washi tape. This creative mom created a beautiful accent wall in her daughters’ playroom using large rolls of washi tape.

Washi Tape Accent Walls Playroom - Project Nursery

image via Project Nursery Gallery

Make Your Own Decals. Using contact paper, you can create your own cheaper version of the many beautiful decals available—whether it’s polka dots on the wall or stars on the ceiling!

DIY Decal Stars on the Ceiling

image via Project Nursery Gallery

Children’s Art. Enlist your resident artist to help decorate the new baby’s room with his or her latest masterpieces.

Sign up for coupons at stores like Michaels to take advantage of frame discounts. I just picked up a large frame with mat (pictured above) on clearance for $6—amazing!

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Emily McInnes

Thursday 30th of January 2014

Hi Beth, I love these ideas - especially the suggestion to frame your children's art (I'm still proud of the scribble my Dad framed when I was two :) I also wanted to point you in the direction of a site I run called, which is affordable fine art photographs (starting at $35) by young, emerging artists on the rise. I know I'm biased, but I think it's a cool idea to give these as a gift to kids - to get their art collection early and get them understanding the value of art in our world. I started a page on pinterest that is specifically for work I recommend for kids.

Thanks again!

Emily McInnes Founder and Director EYEBUYART.COM