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New Year’s Eve Noisemakers: A Tutorial

It seems like every New Year’s Eve, I’m on the hunt for a few fun things to do with my kids on New Year’s to celebrate. We wear party hats, we watch the ball drop and yes, we have noisemakers. To take advantage of all the togetherness of winter break, we are going to make our own New Year’s Eve noisemakers this year. While browsing through the Christmas clearance aisles, I was able to pick up items that are perfect for whipping up some easy noisemakers for the kids.

New Year's Eve DIY Noisemakers - Project Nursery

These noisemakers are probably most appropriate for kids older than three, but if you are keeping a close eye on your baby or toddler, I’m sure playing with them will give the little ones a few moments of glee.

New Year's Eve DIY Noisemaker Balls - Project Nursery

New Year’s Eve Noisemaker Balls

Materials: Clear Plastic Ornament Balls, Beads, Washi Tape, Hot Glue

New Year's Eve DIY Noisemaker Balls - Project Nursery

These are so quick to make! Open up your ornament, pour the beads into the ball and snap it shut. You could make these really fun by adding other items inside the ball with the beads—try some glitter or maybe even the numbers for the New Year being celebrated.

New Year's Eve DIY Noisemaker Balls - Project Nursery

To make sure the ball won’t pop back open too easily, I ran a bead of hot glue around the seam of the ornament to seal it permanently.

New Year's Eve Noisemakers DIY - Project Nursery

Apply gold washi tape over the seam, and tie some curling ribbon on the top for a polished look. Then you’re ready to rattle! Little hands should be able to easily grasp these balls and shake away.

New Year's Eve DIY Noisemaker Jingle Sticks - Project Nursery

New Year’s Eve Noisemaker Jingle Sticks

Materials: Large Craft Sticks, Jingle Bells, Ribbon, Gold Paint (optional)

New Year's Eve DIY Noisemaker Jingle Sticks - Project Nursery

If you are going all out with your noisemakers, cover your craft sticks on all sides with a coat of gold paint (or the color of your choice). Tie one end of your ribbon to the stick about two-thirds of the way down. String the bells on the ribbon, tightly wrap it around the stick and then tie off the ribbon securely. Put in your earplugs, and hand the jingle stick to a soon-to-be happy child!

New Year's Eve Noisemakers DIY - Project Nursery

These DIY New Year’s Eve noisemakers only take a few minutes to make, but they are sure to bring a lot of excitement to your celebration!

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