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Fun Floors in the Nursery

Tori Swaim, creator of New Arrivals, Inc., is back sharing another great guest post with us all. Today’s post focuses on a variety of fun flooring options for your little ones’ rooms. Thanks for sharing with us, Tori!


Decorating your nursery involves a lot of decisions, including choosing furniture, bedding, accessories and paint colors. You can also make your nursery unique by including fun flooring in the décor scheme of the room. There are many options to consider, depending on the current floor in the room, how much you want to change it and your budget. Here are some fun ideas to consider.

Stenciled Floors. If your room has hardwood flooring, painting and stenciling the floor can look amazing! Coordinate with your bedding fabric and colors, or make a simple pattern such as stripes, stars or chevron. Here’s an easy-to-follow how-to.

Star Stencilled Floor in Nurseryimage source

Striped Painted Floor in Nursery image source

Raw/Plank Wood Floors. If you are going for a more rustic or cottage look in the room, opt for raw wood floors with a matte clear finish—perfect for a little boy’s nursery or bedroom. Wood floors cut down on the dust in your nursery and are easy to clean.

Plank Wood Floor New Arrivals Crib Beddingimage source

Raw Plank Floor in Nursery Oeuf Rhea Cribimage source

Area Rugs. An area rug is an easy way to add a punch of color or pattern to the room. Choose a fun pattern that coordinates but is different enough from the rest of the room to make an impact. Stains and spills can be hard to clean up, but rugs and carpeting are sure to give your little one a soft floor for rolling and playing.

Floral Area Rug in Eclectic Girl's Nursery - Project Nurseryimage source

White Painted Floors. For a clean modern look, consider painting your wood floor white. A simple white crib with white or pastel bedding can be beautiful, or try mostly white décor with some pops of color. White floors will make everything in the room bright and fresh.

Painted White Floor in Nurseryimage source

Painted White Floor New Arrivals Pink and Aqua Crib Beddingimage source

Dark Wood Floors. The contrast of dark flooring with light or white colored furniture and bedding can be beautiful! Dark wood floors can make a stunning statement in your nursery.

Dark Wood Floor in Nurseryimage source

Cork Flooring. There is a growing interest in cork flooring for kids’ rooms and nurseries. Some advantages of cork is that it’s soft and durable. It’s also anti-allergenic and eco-friendly, making it a safe flooring for your baby.

Cork Flooring in Nurseryimage source

Some other things to think about when considering flooring options:

Try to keep it free of allergens and emissions, and keep it clean and sanitized to make it safe for baby. It’s a given that messes will happen with a little one around, so you want something easy to clean. Make sure the floor is soft and not slippery. Babies fall, bump and tumble no matter how carefully you watch them. In order to keep baby safe, make sure your floor is not slippery and as soft as possible. Replacing flooring can be expensive; make sure whatever you choose is worth the investment.

Whether you choose from stencil/painted floors, cute rugs or cork flooring, you can’t go wrong because they are all great options to make your baby’s nursery unique and fun. Choose the option best suited for you and your new baby!

Freya Natasha Fernandez Dy

Wednesday 20th of November 2013

I have white marble floors and they are as bare as can be. I am afraid to use rugs or carpets because the kids -- and us, too -- might slip.


Thursday 21st of November 2013

There are a lot of rugs that have traction. These rugs are non-slip. You can just get one of those.

Alison Mar

Monday 11th of November 2013

dark hardwood floors are my ultimate dream floors!


Thursday 21st of November 2013

Mine too! But the authentic hardwood floor slats are so dmn expensive.