Video: Riding in Style with the Honda Odyssey

Melisa and Pam recently had the opportunity to try out the Honda Odyssey, loaned to them by Honda, and explore its features. Every mom knows that, when it comes to riding with kids, great features and key products can make a car trip go much smoother. Some of Pam and Melisa’s favorites are the comfortable seating, room for three car seats across the second row—perfect for carpooling—and this particular model (the Odyssey Touring Elite trim) even has a vacuum—how’s that for awesome?

Of course, Melisa and Pam couldn’t help but style up their ride a bit with some of their favorite, go-to baby products. Watch the video, and take a ride with Pam and Melisa as they check out what the Honda Odyssey has to offer.

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    Will definitely be considering this model when it’s time for us to upgrade!

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