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Retro Wallpaper from Kimberly Lewis Home

My life is modern, but my heart is vintage—somewhere between 1940 and 1970. I’ve always had a soft spot for the looks of the mid-century. The clean lines and inherent homey charm of this bygone era always make me happy.

At a recent design event here in NYC, I had the pleasure of meeting demure design darling Kimberly Lewis. I’ve been a fan of her line of wallpapers for some time. With prints that are clean and charming, they all seem to say “welcome home.”

The stripes of dots below remind me of strands of pearls.

Kimberly Lewis Dot Stripes Wallpaper

Graphic pattern need not be bold. The “pebble” pattern below is light and lacy. Soft rounded squares made up of white lines shine through a hazy lavender field.

Kimberly Lewis Pebble Wallpaper

Kimberly Lewis is right on trend with this new take on chevron. The yellow and grey color palette is a Project Nursery reader favorite if the gallery is any proof. I’d love to see this paired with white lacquer furniture.

Kimberly Lewis Yellow and Gray Chevron Wallpaper

These flamingos kind of rock my world! Their graceful curvy lines and color palette nod to 1940s Americana—simply adorable. The other thing I really like about these flamingos is they are familiar without being cliche.

Kimberly Lewis Flamingo Wallpaper

Once again, Ms. Lewis is right on trend with this rich cobalt and white nautical print. The thing that makes this so clever is the slight overlap of the sailboat illustrations. This look is exciting without being overly busy. I could see this as an accent wall behind a crib or all around the room beneath a glossy white chair rail.

Kimberly Lewis Navy Nautical Sailboat Wallpaper

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  2. avatar Sam Simon says:

    Glad you approve! XOSS

  3. avatar Sam Simon says:

    Glad you like them! Design decisions are tough! Maybe choose the one that works best in the over all aesthetic and color scheme in your home.

  4. avatar Sam Simon says:

    Glad you liked them! Beverly is a gem! XOSS

  5. avatar Sam Simon says:

    Oh yes, that pebbles print has a lovely lace-like quality that is very light. It is pure ELEGANZA!

  6. avatar Sam Simon says:

    Hmmm, I haven’t experienced that- most prints look much better in person then on a screen. xoSS

  7. avatar Ross Neytiri says:

    I love all of them! If I were to choose only one, I wouldn’t know which one to pick.

  8. avatar Andrea Lowe says:

    Pretty wallpapers! I checked their site and I fell in love with the Ikat Greek Key and the Beverly designs!

  9. avatar Kim says:

    The pebbles one is gorgeous. Love my wallpapers light and subtle.

  10. avatar Jillian Scotts says:

    I love the flamingo one. Though I’m not sure if it’s just because of the glare on my PC screen, but they are more like optical illusions, where the lines and the images move and it’s kinda difficult for the eyes to look at.