Gallery Roundup: Big Top Birthdays

Before Cirque du Soleil, spectators gathered at the big top to watch larger-than-life performances and snack on salty and sweet favorites like caramel corn and airy spindles of cotton candy. We are pleased to see favorite childhood pastimes at the circus and carnival recreated in the birthday parties of today’s generation. This theme keeps popping up in our Project Gallery, where parents attempt to create the greatest party on Earth!

Circus Themed Birthday Party Invitation - Project NurseryCharlie’s Carnival 1st Birthday by Jenny


Big Top Birthday Party - Project NurseryLuke’s First Birthday Circus by Ashlee


Circus Theme Birthday Cupcakes - Project NurseryHenry’s Circus 1st Birthday by Jenn


Circus Theme Smash Cake - Project NurseryDIY Backyard 1st Birthday Cake Smash by mkollus


Circus Party Snack Table - Project NurseryVeranda Circus Party-Demetris 1st Birthday by tania tsiligiri


For more inspiration or to upload photos from your nursery, big kid or party project visit our Project Gallery!


  1. 1

    Yeah, these carnival-themed parties (and nurseries, too) are getting common. Maybe because it’s a really nostalgic theme.

  2. 2

    Carnivals may just be a beautiful memory someday. With big amusement or theme parks and bounce houses, our little ones may never get to experience true-blue carnivals.

  3. 3

    Sad. Just like they might never get to know the beauty of snail mail with beautiful stamps.

  4. 4

    Or those childhood games we enjoyed when we were little, like kites, hopscotch, tops, jack stones, etc.

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