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Grandparents Day

We all know about Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, but have you ever celebrated Grandparents Day? As I’m sure you’ll agree, grandparents are very special people in our little ones’ lives (as well as our own). In some families, they truly are like second sets of parents who watch after the kids while Mommy and Daddy work. They certainly do deserve their own day of gratitude. This year, Grandparents’ Day falls on Sunday, September 8th. Here are some gift ideas to get you started.

Grandparent Present Ideas

Pinhole Press Accordion Brag Book, Custom Silhouette from Pretty FacesPearhead Grandpa Frame, Minted Family Photo Calendar

Daisy B.

Wednesday 4th of September 2013

We never celebrate Grandparents Day.. I didn't even know there is one and that it's in September. I should tell my kids about this and have them make something for their grannies!


Wednesday 4th of September 2013

We have never celebrated Grandparents Day. I envy those whose kids have grandparents who are active in their lives.

Daisy B.

Wednesday 4th of September 2013

These kids who were able to know and build relationships with their grandparents are very lucky. I never had that chance.

Ross Neytiri

Monday 2nd of September 2013

I love this elephant version of handprint art! I have seen lots of versions before, but not the elephant. I'll definitely try this at home!


Sunday 6th of October 2013

I have just tried this at home with the kids, and the results are not as great. :-(


Thursday 29th of August 2013

Fantastic ideas Beth! Grandparents are so special and my children would love to present any one of these gifts to their Grandparents on Sept 8th.