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Giveaway: Two Giggles Keepsake Box and Baby Album

Everything your baby does is so magical it seems like you will never forget each and every one of her milestones. But the thing about babies is they reach new milestones faster than you can count. Between that and sleep deprivation, you will be surprised by how much you forget and how fast it all goes by. Today’s giveaway will make sure you don’t forget any of the most important moments in your baby’s first year. Two Giggles is giving away a Baby’s First Year Album and a Keepsake Box to one lucky Project Nursery reader.

Two Giggles First Year Baby Album

The First Year Baby Album comes with 78 journaling pages with over 100 journaling prompts to make sure you capture all of those special moments. Available in a variety of fabric designs, you are sure to find one that suits your style. It’s pretty enough to display right in your baby’s nursery.

Two Giggles Keepsake Memory Box

The great thing about the Keepsake Box is that you finally have a spot for all the things you wish you could put in the baby book but won’t fit—things like the hospital bracelets you and baby wore or maybe the hat that he or she came home in. The box is covered in beautifully patterned fabric and can be personalized with your baby’s name.

Two Giggles Memory Box and Album

BONUS: Project Nursery readers can receive a 10% discount from Two Giggles until August 20, 2013 using the code: PNAUGUST

WIN IT! One Project Nursery reader will win one Baby Keepsake Box and one First Year Baby Album ($115 value!) (winner may select from any of the boxes and albums that are in stock in the Two Giggles shop).

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  1. avatar vanessa says:

    i do like the purple damask.

  2. avatar Carmen says:

    I ADORE the gray with white polka dots! Perfect for whether it’s a baby boy OR girl ;)

  3. avatar Michelle Tucker says:

    I’d pick the Orange Damask Slub Fabric.

  4. avatar Emily says:

    Grey and white dots!

  5. avatar Mikenzie Reeder Wade says:

    I love the navy chevron!

  6. avatar Elise says:

    Love the red and blue circle baby book design! Thanks for the giveaway

  7. avatar Hannah U says:

    Love the pink squares

  8. avatar Caroline L. says:

    Grey and white chevron!

  9. avatar arely colin says:

    love the gray chevron

  10. avatar Jenn Lott says:

    my sons nursery is gray patterns! chevron included!

  11. avatar Jenn Lott says:

    my sons nursery is gray patterns! chevron included!

  12. avatar Brittany S Chelette says:

    The deck stripe or one of the chevrons :)

  13. avatar cwgriff says:

    These are so beautiful! I would love either the yellow and white squares or the orange damask.

  14. avatar Stephanie says:

    I love the teal chevron!

  15. avatar Erin says:

    I’d get the grey/pink chevron!

  16. avatar Dawn says:

    I love the Light Pink & White Damask – such a sweet book!

  17. avatar Alexa says:

    I love the teal chevron. It matches my nursery perfectly!

  18. avatar Sarah says:

    I love the teal and orange blossoms!

  19. avatar Katie Flood says:

    Love the teal and orange blossoms!

  20. avatar Bethany says:

    I love the teal and orange one!

  21. avatar Lani @ Elle Dee Designs says:

    I love the grey chevron!!

  22. avatar Lora says:

    SO CUTE!

  23. avatar Laura says:

    I like the pink and white damask.

  24. avatar Nick Smith says:

    Oh, this is the baby album I bought for my little guy! I would love the teal chevron memory box to match my baby album!

  25. avatar Danielle says:

    I love the pink memory book. Adorable.

  26. avatar Michele Rodocker says:

    I like the gold towers memory box for my boy due in September.

  27. avatar val says:

    Love the navy chevron!

  28. avatar Kati says:

    I love the grey chevron, it matches my nursery perfectly!

  29. avatar Nicole says:

    Green & White Chevron!

  30. avatar Priscila says:

    Great Idea ! love them all

  31. avatar Sandra Jean says:

    So cool and creative!

  32. avatar erin says:

    Grey chevron! So cute!

  33. avatar Elizabeth P. says:

    I like the Navy chevron

  34. avatar Jennifer says:

    Teal and orange Blossoms!! Love it!!

  35. avatar Laura Miller says:

    I would choose the yellow chevron baby book and the grey chevron keepsake box!

  36. avatar Bernadette N says:

    I like Pink Squares.

  37. avatar Karilee says:

    Alphabet and gold towers!

  38. avatar Melinda says:

    Navy Chevron! Would got perfect with his room!

  39. avatar Angela says:

    beautiful prints

  40. avatar Marthalynn says:

    The Linen Damask is really pretty!

  41. avatar Eg Kaufman says:

    grey chevron

  42. avatar Kristi says:

    Love the flowery one pictured in this post. Great design!

  43. avatar Kelley says:

    I love the grey and white chevron.

  44. avatar ChocolateLily says:

    I like the starbursts album and the cream box.

  45. avatar KKowalski says:

    I love the grey and white squares, although I really like the chevron, too :)

  46. avatar sandra says:

    i’d pick the deck stripe design

  47. avatar hewella1 says:

    I like the Linen Damask.

  48. avatar Marie says:

    I love the “Deck Stripe” pattern! It would go great with my little one’s nursery!

  49. avatar Erica says:

    I love the lavender damask baby book! so adorable

  50. avatar Jennifer says:

    I like the grey and white squares

  51. avatar MaryAnn says:

    Teal and Orange Blossoms

  52. avatar Sara says:

    I love the teal chevron!

  53. avatar Mariah Arnett says:

    The Grey chevron is so modern and cute. Love it!

  54. avatar Natalie says:

    The grey chevron is too perfect! That’s what I’d get!

  55. avatar Jen says:


  56. avatar Lindsay says:

    I love the teal and orange blossoms design.

  57. avatar katygmorris says:

    I love the Turquoise Towers print!

  58. avatar Sydney Walker says:

    I can’t decide between the Purple Damask and the Teal and Orange Blossoms! They are both entirely too cute!

  59. avatar cheyenne says:

    Grey and white Chevron

  60. avatar Rebecca Peters says:

    I love the
    Teal and Orange Blossoms and then Purple Damask for keepsake box.

  61. avatar Christy Isttc says:

    I would choose Navy and White Chevron

  62. avatar Amanda says:

    I would choose the grey chevron or grey tear drop!

  63. avatar scribbleprints says:

    I love the blue stripes, but I would let my sister in law choose. She’s the photographer with a new little one.

  64. avatar Lindsay says:

    I would pick the yellow and white squares (or the turquoise towers). There are so many designs that I love!

  65. avatar IrenkaD says:

    Love the pink and grey blossoms!

  66. avatar fukumuro says:

    like the grey color scheme

  67. avatar Shannon Gould says:

    The grey chevron is my favorite!

  68. avatar Emily says:

    I would probably pick the gray drop or the navy chevron

  69. avatar young says:

    love chevron…grey:)

  70. avatar Shannon S says:

    Pink Squares & Navy & White Damask are my favorites

  71. avatar Emma says:

    Love the teal and white dots.

  72. avatar Carrie says:

    So many cute choices!

  73. avatar samantha s says:

    I’d get the light blue memory box.

  74. avatar chely frantzen says:

    the gray drop pattern is my favorite

  75. avatar kalsey says:

    Baby Book…Teal Chevron.

  76. avatar Christine says:

    Love the teal and orange blossoms!

  77. avatar ampaetka says:

    I would choose the Pink Squares pattern!

  78. avatar Bridget McCook says:

    Perfect! Love anything Chevron, too!!

  79. avatar Lani says:

    Love the Pink Squares and the Green and White Chevron

  80. avatar Suzanne says:

    i like yellow chevron

  81. avatar Jessica B. says:

    Teal Chevron

  82. avatar Sarah H. says:

    I love the teal damask album and the gray chevron keepsake box! With so many great patterns, it’s hard to choose.

  83. avatar Nicole M. says:

    Have been eyeing these for months. Would love one for my little girl!

  84. avatar Kim says:

    green white chevron!

  85. avatar Deanna says:

    Teal chevron or pink squares.

  86. avatar Deanna says:

    I love these! I would love one for my baby girl :)

  87. avatar Heather says:

    Grey-white dots

  88. avatar shiri p says:

    I would like Red chevron…..

  89. avatar Diana Cote says:

    Yellow & white chevron.

  90. avatar MTS says:

    grey chevron!

  91. avatar beattyjg says:

    I like the grey and white dots

  92. avatar Valérie Tremblay Blouin says:

    I would choose the grey drop.

  93. avatar Nicole Johnson Biddle says:

    Turquoise Towers!

  94. avatar Kellie says:

    I would select the Teal and Orange Blossoms pattern!

  95. avatar Rachel Freeze says:

    Love the light purple damask!

  96. avatar Delightfully Noted says:

    Love the alphabet one! It would match his nursery:)

  97. avatar dmr says:

    I love the first memory book that I received; quick service and beautiful products!

  98. avatar Toyatowns says:

    I would love the hot pink one!!!!!!

  99. avatar Charissa Brooks says:


  100. avatar colleen g says:

    i love the pink squares

  101. avatar Audra Besso Humphrey says:

    The pink chevron since I just had a girl :)

  102. avatar Mindy says:

    the grey and white dots is simply classic!

  103. avatar Cameron Ammann says:

    I LOVE the chevron and the pink squares!

  104. avatar Grayce says:

    So many pretty ones…..I love the PURPLE DAMASK the best!

  105. avatar angela says:

    These are ADORABLE! What a wonderful idea for all of baby’s keepsakes…mine are in a plastic bag! ugh! I love the navy chevron!

  106. avatar oscarsmama says:

    The charcoal grey with the window opening in green…love it!

  107. avatar Kellie Arata says:

    I love the pink squares!!

  108. avatar Rachel says:

    Love the purple damask.

  109. avatar Lisa W says:

    Pink chevron! I need this for baby girl who’s due next month!!! So cute!

  110. avatar ashleyelizabeth11 says:

    I love the khaki chevron print.

  111. avatar Mary says:

    They are all so pretty, but I would choose Yellow Damask.

  112. avatar Christine says:

    Loving the Pink and White Damask!

  113. avatar Jamie says:

    Chevron pink for sure! so cute!

  114. avatar Jamie says:

    so cute! I’d love to have one of these for my baby girl!

  115. avatar Aubree Faunce says:

    Teal and Orange Blossoms

  116. avatar Lindsay F. says:

    I like the pink squares

  117. avatar anne a says:

    Love the teal and orange book!

  118. avatar Laura Mohan says:

    grey chevron!

  119. avatar Alexis Nikia Cuffy says:

    I like the pink and gray blossoms!

  120. avatar Marie V says:

    I love the pink and white damask!!

  121. avatar Alice says:

    Grey chevron!

  122. avatar redupthehouse says:

    I love all the books, it’d be so hard to decide!

  123. avatar tawnia says:

    Loving the gray chevron!

  124. avatar dana b says:

    i love the grey chevron!

  125. avatar dmwsmiley says:

    I like the teal chevron

  126. avatar susansmoaks says:

    i like the pink squares

  127. avatar Erin castor says:

    I love the Chevron Pink! I actually have one of these on my Etsy registry!

  128. avatar Laken Eastridge says:

    pink squares :)

  129. avatar Suz McA says:

    teal chevron!

  130. avatar lisa says:

    Love the navy chevron!

  131. avatar says:

    great idea for keeping memories! always love chevron

  132. avatar Katie says:

    Grey chevron!

  133. avatar Rachel R. says:

    I’d get the light blue memory box.

  134. avatar Katie says:

    I love the grey chevron