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What’s All the Hoopla About?

Every nursery needs some details added to walls, right? The first thing we tend to run to is a framed piece of art, framed photo or possibly a canvas. When I design a room, I also like to bring in other wall elements that add visual interest. It’s a design opportunity to bring in bold colors and fun patterns. I love the trend of using embroidery hoop wall art in the nursery. This darling display of wall decor is something you can whip up with a few inexpensive embroidery hoops and fabric scraps. Want to fancy it up a little? Add in some hand stitching. Here’s some inspiration to get you started.

embroidery hoop wall art crib wallimage via aedriel

embroidery hoop wall artavailable via Etsy – Thimble and Thistle

image via Project Nursery Gallery

embroidery hoop wall artimage via Little Miss Momma

image via Project Nursery Gallery

Now it’s time to go make some. There are a thousand ways to recreate your own version. Start fresh or tell a story by using vintage pillow cases, handkercheifs or baby blankets that have been passed down.

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