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Video: DIY Canvas Art

We teamed up with Melanie Ham, the sewing and crafting extraordinaire of I Heart Stitching, to bring you a quick and easy way to make custom DIY canvas art on Project Nursery’s YouTube Channel. Stay tuned for more of our DIY art series!

Let us know if you’ll be making any DIY canvas art for your nursery in the comments, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. We look forward to bringing you new content every week.

Upload your projects to and who knows? We might feature you on our blog or in our videos!

Thanks for watching!

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Freya Natasha Fernandez Dy

Monday 19th of August 2013

Thanks for this tutorial. Really helps crafts-challenged moms like me.


Saturday 17th of August 2013

Hi Sarah, there are a lot of people who come in here and learn how to do things, some of them are beginners. I know this for a fact because my brother is one of them, he's learning how to do crafts for his daughter that he raises alone. So it might be easy for you, but there are always people there who would learn from this!

sarah beeh

Tuesday 13th of August 2013

Really? A tutorial for this? Either you're running out of content or you think your readership is quite dumb. It's better to post rarely but well than often and cheaply,

Ross Neytiri

Monday 2nd of September 2013

I agree that these tutorials are very simple, and most of us already know how craft projects like this work, but you know what? I still enjoy watching them or reading about them because this is also how I get new ideas. You can take a simple craft project like this and you might come up with an idea for something modified. Because there is such thing as the evolution of ideas. You get a few techniques from the tutorial then you add something of your own from your head, and you end up with something different. You should really try it sometime.

Jillian Scotts

Friday 16th of August 2013

I'm sorry if you feel that way, Sarah. But not all moms and homemakers are as savvy as you might be when it comes to decorating and creating DIY projects for the home. A lot of us do appreciate simple tutorials like this! At least I do.