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Design Reveal: Naturally Neutral Nursery

I honestly rarely design gender neutral nurseries. Most of my clients find out the gender of their new baby, so this nursery was a first. These clients live in a beautiful Tudor style home in Los Angeles and chose to use a small, almost-office space as a nursery. The idea was that this would always be the nursery, no matter how many children they had.

Globetrotter Wallpaper in Neutral Nursery

They wanted a neutral design, which would work for a boy or a girl. All colors, artwork and furniture pieces, including the bedding were to be neutral. Once the child was born, we would add blue or purple accents with pillows and personalized items—as it turned out they had a boy!

White Crib Gold Globetrotter Wallpaper

The couple has traveled the world together, so we brought this into the design of the nursery with one of my favorites—the Globetrotter wallpaper by Clarke & Clarke. The gold and off-white color scheme was a perfect backdrop to a neutral nursery. Since the room is small with very tall pitched ceilings, we were able to use the wallpaper on all the walls without feeling too busy or closed in.

Sharon Montrose Camel Print in Nursery

As decorative accents, we added a paper mache animal head above the changer, an oversized photograph of a baby camel and decorative pillows with more African animals.

Gender Neutral Nursery with Blue Accents

Since we live in earthquake country, we opted out of putting any decorative items right above the crib. This room turned out to be such a calming and serene place, perfect for babies. For more images of the room and information on decorative sources please visit the gallery.

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  1. avatar Kitty says:

    I love neutral colored rooms. Especially when it comes to the walls and the furniture. The beauty of the details and the loveliness of your design accessories just pop out.

  2. avatar Lily says:

    Well, what this room lacked in colors it totally made up for in textures and patterns.

  3. avatar Ross Neytiri says:

    I love how subtly detailed the wallpaper is. Or is it just subtle in the photos because of the lighting? And I like the textured rug, too.

  4. avatar PamGinocchio says:

    You did it again Andrika! Gorgeous, serene and sophisticated. Love the wallpaper.