Animal-Shaped Storage Solutions

As we all know by now, kids have a lot of stuff. From the first newborn days to the toddler years, kids amass a huge quantity of stuff. Even as you try your best to purge things they no longer use or need, it still adds up. We are always looking for fun ways to store away these said items, and we recently discovered this line of animal-shaped storage from ACE Baby Furniture.

Bunny Mobile Bookcase

Both the bookcase and clothing stand are on wheels, making it easy to move around your child’s room as they transition from the nursery to their big kid room. The clothing rack would be perfect for a closetless room, but to me, it just screams for hangers full of dress-up clothes in a playroom.

Bear Mobile Closet Stand

Available in multiple finishes and animal options, all you have to do is pick your favorite.


  1. 1

    Now those are really fun! I can see that working in a nursery or kids room easily.

  2. 3

    The bunny bookcase is nice. But I am sure that if I get one, I will be really tempted to paint the bunny on the sides.

  3. 4

    Why not? You can certainly do it. And if you don’t like how it looks, then paint it white again or any other plain color.

  4. 5

    You should, Neytiri! It would be fun to paint it. I’m imagining a Beatrix Potter-style bunny.

  5. 6

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