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Party Reveal: The Guncles’ Daughter’s 3rd Birthday + Party Tips!

We know and love Scout Masterson and Bill Horn as the sweet and fun couple who were first introduced to us on the small screen as Tori Spelling’s best friends. We can personally say these gentleman are just as kind in person. Only a few years back after a Beverly Hills baby event, Melisa and I were elbow deep in carrying candy dishes, cookie trays and PN goodie bags to her car, and two strangers generously offered their assistance—it was Bill and Scout!

Today the pair are just as generous and took some time to share details on their most recent celebration, daughter Simone’s third birthday party. Creatively titled “Doc Simone,” the doctor themed party was a complete success.

The Guncles' Doctor Themed Birthday Party for their Daughter

“I always give a speech when everyone gathers to sing Happy Birthday. I like to take that time to say what we’re thankful for and gush about how proud we are of Simone. When I look at everyone and see our friends and family gathered together, I always cry as I speak. It’s such a raw, overwhelming moment. And now that it’s happened three years in a row, I guess I can say it’s tradition!” – Scout

The Guncles' Daughter Simone

“My special moment of the party was when Simone rushed up to her friends, who had just arrived, and yelled, ‘It’s my birthday part! I’m finally three!’ I just thought that was so darn cute. I wonder if she’ll still feel that way when she turns 40?” – Bill

Pink and Purple Birthday Party Dessert Table

Tips from The Guncles on Throwing an Extravagant Looking Party on an Everyday Budget:

1. Throw your party at home. Event and party spaces can add up quickly and strain your party budget. By throwing your party at home, not only is it a free space, you have the freedom to take your time when setting up and decorating. Look for spaces in your home that fit your party needs. We don’t have a huge yard, so Simone’s bounce house was set up in our driveway. We laid down a $20 pink dorm rug that we found on Amazon, and it looked amazing. Plus, it was soft for her friends’ little feet

Doctor Themed Party for the Guncles Daughter

2. Check Etsy and local flea markets for decor items. Some of our favorite Etsy shops are Piggy Bank Parties, Craft That Party and Oh Goodie Designs. When planning our parties and corporate events, we always comb Etsy shops for decor. We know what it’s like to work hard to support our family, and when we purchase items from Etsy, we like to think that we’re helping someone support their own family directly. There are some extremely talented moms and dads out there selling homemade party supplies.

Heart Notepad and Syringe Pen Doctor Themed Party Favors

3. Everything looks better on a cake stand. Our friend Jenny Cookies (Jenny Keller) has us hooked on collecting cake stands. We’re obsessed! For Simone’s party, we purchased wooden cake stands from the Etsy shop A Fabulous Fete and had them painted in colors that matched our doctor themed party. After the party, stands can be used to display collectibles in your home, serving food for brunches or dinner parties, or even as decoration. We have dozens of gorgeous glass cake stands we found at flea markets displayed in our kitchen, and they’re a decoration all on their own!

Decorated Doctor Cookies

4. Instead of pre-boxed, design your own. The internet is filled with shops to make customized signs and banners. Our favorite is Minted. You can customize your own party banners and even order an entire party kit, which has coordinated decor all in one box for you—everything from table runners and signs to party hats and pinwheels.

The Guncles' Doctor Themed Birthday Party for their Daughter

5. Rally friends and family to help! When we throw our parties, it’s all hands on deck. It’s easier to keep costs low when you ask friends and family to help with food and desserts. If you have an aunt that makes a fantastic mac and cheese, ask (in advance) if she’ll make a big batch for the party in lieu of buying a gift. I know this may sound silly, but we know so many people who think they need to have a fancy caterer when their own family and friends are amazing cooks!

To keep up with The Guncles and Simone, follow them on Facebook and Twitter (Scout and Bill).

Photo Credit: Frances Lacuzzi

May Mosley

Tuesday 16th of July 2013

Cool tips. The Guncles are so sweet!

Ross Neytiri

Friday 12th of July 2013

I think Simone's one really hilarious kid. She's luck to have the Guncles as her dads and I think they're really lucky to have a girl with such a big personality.


Thursday 11th of July 2013

They are such a sweet family! And I super love the theme. I might just do a similar-themed party for my daughter who wants to be a doctor, too. It would be cool to transform different corners of the party venue into different parts of a hospital.


Monday 8th of July 2013

What a great looking party and such fun party ideas!